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Project Offset now PC exclusive

The Rumour The highly secretive title is now coming exclusively to PC thanks to Intel's purchase of the development team.

Verdict: Confirmation of platforms isn't the only thing that's been secretive in this project, with little being known on the game itself. It does seem that console owners won't be seeing the game any time soon though, with Remi Arnaud, Senior Graphics Architect and Manager of the Game Engine Technology team at Intel having this to say about cross-platform development.

"We're not limited by the issues most developers have to deal with. As a game developer, you have to sell your game on the PS3, you have to sell it on the Xbox, because that's where the money is. That means you're limited because those platforms are old now. And so, what's coming out now is brand-new and so much better and all kinds of things that are not possible if you have to include cross-platform into your roadmap..."

Sounds like it's coming exclusively to PC then.

Plausibility rating: 5/5

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dachiefsman3814d ago

damnit....I am pissed offset is pc exclusive....

Fishy Fingers3814d ago

Intel own it now, its hardly surprising.

It will turn out like Crysis, a game designed to shift hardware first and the game second.

dachiefsman3814d ago

yea and like crysis i am not going to unload 300 plus bucks on 1 card to play 1 game

Ace Ventura3814d ago

Playstation Online Magazine coming to PSN??????

Sony is gonna KILL IT this year!

Montrealien3814d ago

I agree, should be fun.

And Ace. why did you block me? I simply asked for your PSN ID. Do you even have one?

DomUltra3814d ago

<Insert awkward gay moment here> Oh wait there's one above me.