Videogamer: Killzone 2 Hands-on - The most beautiful grey game we've ever seen

Videogamer writes: "Killzone 2 has been delayed to February 2009. That's perhaps the most shocking news to come out of Sony's recent PlayStation Day in London. Definitely more shocking than, say, the fact that the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 in Europe. So I headed over to the ridiculously small Killzone 2 booth Sony had erected to get some answers and, hopefully, some hands on time with one of the PS3's most anticipated titles.

The booth was manned not by staff from developer Guerrilla Games, but by SCEE staff, staff who were perfectly knowledgeable about the game but perhaps a little ill-equipped to answer questions on the delay. "It's to do with our publishing schedule," said one. "We saw our line-up for 2008 and thought we could push it back." In other words, Sony doesn't want its two premier shooters, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2, going up against each other and suffering from reduced sales as a result."

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red_ring_of_death3869d ago

there nothing on the lagbox to play
gta4 which is on the ps3
gears of war 2 will look like gears of war 1
just like halo1
looks like halo2
which looks like halo3
crapbox sucks

Phil Harrison Mklll3869d ago

its a grey day 4 xbot slaves more like

sonarus3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

lol sound like the game is black and white. I can't wait to see an actual video enough with these camcorded video screens.

Gameplay is ultimately where it lies at this point especially on the MP front. I hope guerilla is aware of this and will be exhausting whatever resources they have to giving us better gameplay. From what is shown here today, its not there yet.

games4fun3869d ago

what you mean:

they act like they dont need any extra time at all and the game is all done atm. when in reality they will need the extra dev time to make things work well enough to make the reviewers stfu when they review because they need to make it deliver on every part or reviewers will tear it to pieces because they would probably like it to fail makes it great for them to get hits.

Fishy Fingers3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

You cannot "see" gameplay. You have to play it, thats the point, how it feels.

sonarus3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

In my eyes A.I. seems weaker that it was last time.

You can't see gameplay but in my experience as a gamer, there are certain things i can see that give me clues on weak gameplay and strong gameplay.

Strong gameplay: cover system, realistic weapons, destructible environments

Weak gameplay: terrible A.I.

Tons of things still haven't been added, i am assuming they will be adding a healing animation so you actually inject something into who ever you are healing and not just a pat on the back like haze lol

Its too early to tell on most of these things because the game is about a yr away but i am just putting it out there and hope they are aware of these things

Ju3869d ago

I don't get it. It is still KZ. What did you expect ? Ever played the first one? How do people expect it to be a different game all of a sudden. If I'd wanted CoD4 I'd have bought CoD4. Simple. But, no, I want KZ...well, KZ2. Yes, that's what I want. Pity it'll be so late.

alexM3869d ago


Nothing comes 5% close to that in terms of intensity and visual fidelity

gaffyh3868d ago

Just managed to see a video of the gameplay and it looks fantastic, I think it looks a little better than COD4, but COD4 is a little better in some ways.

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DomUltra3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

So Xbot's does "Gears of War" still look better than Killzone 2? Huh ya dumb twats?

@ Below

Reserve judgements? Are you truly that retarded?

tordavis3869d ago

Huh? Neither of these games are out yet. Reserve judgement until release.

Adriana Lima3869d ago

like unreal tourny on pc on high setting.
unreal engine = plastic

killzone 2 looks better than unreal 3 on pc.

InYourMom3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I find it funny you have to compare Killzone 2 to a game that came out on the 360 going on 2 years ago. A game that reached critical acclaim and won Game of the Year when it came out. Gears has proven itself, Killzone 2 has not.

Yes, Killzone 2 looks better than Gears of War from what we've seen and for the dev time and budget it better. We will have Gears 2 gameplay footage on friday to make further comparisons.

@2.2: Have you seen the latest tech demo for Unreal? They've added a lot of new features that should improve the visuals significantly. I've never once looked at Gears and thought it looked like plastic. You are basically talking out of your ass because you have no idea what Gears 2 is going to look like and you are trying to pass off your opinion as fact.

DomUltra3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Lol Gears of War 2, will never ever look as good as Killzone 2, get that through your dumbass thick skull.

Like I said before, and I will say it again.

Fυck off, you are not welcome in our world.

alexM3869d ago

LOL comparing UNREAL 3 GENINEIIE to KZ2 engine????

haha not to mention that DEFECTIVE LOW POWERED garbage box 3FIX ME

wow some XBUTTs are pinning hope tht GEARS2 might look as good as KZ2??????????????

No x360 game will match Uncharted ---not to even mention other realistic games like KZ2

robbo9183869d ago

You want to make a slur about budgets for the cost of this game being developed yet you praise MS for spending $50 million on content that won't even equal a full game???

You want to talk development want to go there??? Too Human, Alan Wake, it happens on pretty much every system so you can stop beating the dead horse.

I will grant you that Gears 2 will probably look pretty dang good but the budget and dev time slurs ruined your otherwise good comment.

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afghani3869d ago

Its me again. An afghan refugee from afghanistan
So i was wandering how killzone 2 looks graphically?
I mean can u compare it with crysis? I am glad to see that sony are now able to utilize the cell better now.

May god continue to bless america and the ps brand and nothing else!

heyheyhey3869d ago

its better that its grey

its a deppressing warzone where a massive war is ensuing for gods sake

not a gentle stroll in the park

resistance1003869d ago

Its the Artisic style of this game which gives it, its amazing atmosphere, much the way the first one did.

disrupt3r3869d ago

watch saving private ryan again and see how many pinks, purples etc. are in it.

looks like kz2 got the color scheme right to me

solar3869d ago

same knock ppl are using against MGS4. its the environment portrayed in the developers artistic design. how hard is that to understand for some ppl?