PlayStation Network reaches over 3 million users (in North America)

PSLegion reports: "Sony revealed that the PSN has reached over 3.2 million registered users in North America, with over 1.4 million users playing Resistance: Fall of Man online. ... in North America"


Just worth mentioning, there were 2.9 million PSN users in January IN North America.

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cp683817d ago

There's something i don't understand.
How is it that +12 Million ps3 were sold, but only 3 million are on PSN?
What the heck are the 9 other million users doing offline?

Will-UK3817d ago

They probaly dont like online gameplay or simply dont know how to go online

hella whip3817d ago

That number is for North America only, there's more when you include Europe and Japan.

whateva3817d ago

it's 3 million users in North America, over 8 million world wide.

resistance1003817d ago

There 12million Ps3 owners WORLDWIDE.

5million in Europe and 2million in Japan, thats leaves 5million for America.

So on these figures that means there are 60% of american Ps3 owners on PSN, which is preatty impressive.

kewlkat0073817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

well we all know some PS3 are not bought for games, that's 1 answer and the rest, for something that is Free, I'm not sure. Regardless, the sh^t is Free, the numbers should be way higher, if you ask me.

The online community has not clicked yet for sony.(work in progress) Watch an explosion, when in-game xmb functions arrive. Still the Ps3's do not come with headsets. How many actually go out and buy one?

Compared to XBL given the years it took XBL to mature. Gamers don't mind paying for it. Imagine if XBL was free(would be nice), we would expect bigger numbers.

Personally Until PSN does "*everything" XBL does while being "Free" it will continue to be limited. Then you run at the other issue I hate, with 3rd-party doing their own network multi-player solutions, while 1st-party gets to freeload of Sony's back.

Consistency is the keyword here. That you will not see with every developer, unlike XBL. I use both and Sony should get he ball rollin.

TresTrendu3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

That's pretty sad when your service is free and you still can't get people online. BTW xbox done those numbers last gen.

_____________________________ ______________________________
As sony say's next gen doesn't start until they say, or at
least until i buy some HDcable's.

Denges3817d ago

u sure are ignorant..

did u even read the title.. North America..

all those bubbles must be in ur brain...

jollygoodchap83817d ago

Not the world... you guys even read anymore? Or does your thick fanboy goggles black out certain words for "your" consoles benefit?...idiots

Btw how many sold in NA?...close to 5 mil? Thats more than half logging on...think about that.

Amanosenpai3817d ago

Only 9.5 % of the world population have internet...

Only .20 % of the world population have a PS3...

Do the maths LOL

whoelse3817d ago

According to VGChartz, nearly 5 million PS3s have been sold in North America. 3.2 of those owners have signed up to PSN. I think Sony needs to change the account signup and management system so its slicker and not using the web browser.

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Sez 3817d ago

you would think with psn being free they would have more registered players. where as the 360 has over 10 million free and paying ppl. i guess more people enjoy playing on live than they do on psn.

Jamaicangmr3817d ago

This number is for "North America" i think i read somewhere that the total number is over 8 million worldwide.

mightydog013817d ago

I used to have a 360 and im still class as im on live when im not so them 10 million they claim dont mean a thing...And psn is free so good for me cause i can play games online and 360 have to pay to play games online.......

ravinshield3816d ago

that trash is free and yet people dont use that garbage

Ace Ventura3817d ago

Sony just said YESTERDAY there were now 8 million PSN users worldwide...wheres the link??? Where did this come from? I can show you a link from Yesterday with Kaz Harai saying there are now 8 million users. This is lame. There OBVIOUSLY aren't only 3 million users on PSN worldwide.

Montrealien3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

wait a minute, do we have to wait from an official statement from a crazy fanboy character from this site? Or wait till sony says this themselves? oh wait...

PSN is a great idea, but they need to advertise it more and make it easier to use, in game XMB being the biggest flaw atm. I hardly play online with my PS3 because it is a pain when compared to LIVE. Only a fanboy will deny this.

edit: "3.2 million registered users in North America"

juuken3817d ago

I think it's North America alone.

Ace Ventura3817d ago

See I told you. lol MontrealiXbot got angry.

Shadow Flare3817d ago

Sony really need to advertise the psn more. Theres alot of people who have ps3's that just don't care about playing online. And its a shame cos they're missing out on psn games and other content. And Warhawk!?! Thats almost criminal

ravinash3817d ago

They need to advertise the free network more.
My friend (whos a bit of a cheap scape) was asking how much it cost to go on the took me a while to convince him that yes, it is free.

paul_war3817d ago

It's free people, come online join the fun.

Sayai jin3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I agree it is fun and free. Really Great deal, but it's really odd why more people are not signed on to it.

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