A Blast to the Past: Project Gotham Racing 3

“PGR3 is a unique, next generation-racing experience where you can design your own tracks, drive any car any time, star on Gotham TV and much more“. Whilst the back of the box might make it sound like a Batman-inspired racing game, Project Gotham Racing 3 is in fact an arcade racer which was part of the Xbox 360 launch lineup back in 2005.

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colt-of-tipton3253d ago

Loved Gotham 3 and 4 they showed more innovation than most racers do today , great looking ,great soundtrack and i was gutted when bizzare creations went under.

mattritchiegspresso3253d ago

PGR4 was my first Xbox 360 game! Yeah it's a shame that Bizarre had to close, but some of the folk went to work at Playground Games who made the brilliant Forza Horizon.