Madden 08 vs Madden 09 Comparison Video

See the difference between the two titles in this comparison video, inside the same stadium with the same teams, using the same plays.

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Tempist4954d ago

Well the stadium at least looks better!

That's the only major difference I can pick up on.

Rob4Vendetta4954d ago

wow...thats pathetic...that shows you what EA is really made there is shadow pop-in in it's even worse than 08...I keep saying it...boycott this motherf*ckers!

LostChild4954d ago

All they did was add different texture and slapped on a different code of paint. Where's the different tackles, QuarterBack FPview, Crowd interaction, different Animation for the sideline/Cheerleaders and most important of all, the freaking run game.

dragunrising4954d ago

The animations seem like an upgrade to me. Overall the visuals seem better. The shadows are much improved and the lighting gives the game a more realistic look to it. It could be argued whether the characters sport more polygons. Here is hoping that Madden this year is more than a simple retooling and has other things different aside from graphics.

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The story is too old to be commented.