Last Stand: The Final Games Of The Biggest Consoles

Many gamers consider a console dead as soon as its successor hits store shelves. While it's true that the release schedule takes a massive hit when this happens, there are always a handful of titles that arrive late to the party. Take a look at the final games released for some of gaming's biggest consoles.

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Derpy4078d ago

No real gamer would consider a console dead just because it's successor was released. I still buy and play NES, SNES and Genesis carts regularly. Even though I have a PS3 and Wii hooked up to my entertainment center, I also keep a PS2 hooked up which I still game on quite regularly. This is also why real gamers want backward compatibility.

Anyone who considers a console dead just because it's successor came out is gaming for the wrong reason.

4078d ago
SephirothX214078d ago

Backwards compatibility hold a console back from its true potential by having the manufacturers spend money on including hardware to emulate past consoles instead of spending it on better hardware to improve the potential of games and reduce limitations for developers. That's why people should keep their old consoles if they want to play older games.

Rageanitus4078d ago

I'm a gamer but there are something you have to let go. I played too many games but I do want progression.

For instance I cannot picture myself playing the oringal Doom anymore. There are better things out there nowadays.

If I wanted to play things for nostalgic purposes even though its illegal I would pirated the game and play on an emulator... but I find that a wast of time :)

MostJadedGamer4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

I don't consider a console dead when its successor comes out, but I do consider a console dead when the only thing released on it is Next Gen ports(like sports games). As long as it is still getting something other then downgraded ports then it is still alive.

Of course their is a big gray area when a console is dying, but is not yet dead. So things can get kind of muddled.

By the way I do NOT keep old consoles. I currently only own a PS3, and that is all. I don't have any desire to play old games.

MysticStrummer4078d ago

Ahhh another amendment to the Real Gamer Manifesto. I game on one console at a time, so as soon as I buy a new one I pay no more attention to the old one except to look back fondly. People game because they enjoy it, either alone or in competition/cooperation. You don't have to buy games for multiple platforms to be doing it "right".

banjadude4078d ago

You and me both, Derpy!

I actually have a notepad file on my desktop, of all the games I still need to buy for all my previous gen games (don't forget, I was still young when the SNES, PS1, etc came out, so I never had the money to get the games i wanted).

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neogeo4078d ago

I still play my Apple Pippen every day and buy all the classic games..........

SilentNegotiator4078d ago

I still pull my Atari Jaguar out of my sawed off shotgun pocket and give it a play once in a while. But I have to remember never to take it out while in a bank - My first Jaguar is still in an evidence locker.

rhap4078d ago

I regret selling or giving away my Master System, Mega Drive, Sega CD, that 32 bits adapter and PS1. I had so many good original games in perfect state.

Only console I still have is a PS2 and PS3.

tacosRcool4078d ago

I still have my Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, N64, PSP, PS2 (original and slim), and PS3. I will prolly never sell them. At least my brother still plays the N64, classics are classics.

Rageanitus4078d ago

mmm I got rid of all my games on my ps2. now it collecting dust. The only things I found worhthy of keeping was gt4, god of war, and gradius.

But we have gt5 and god of war remakes on the ps3 so it aint that bad.

tweet754078d ago

"Dead consoles" is only a label from the media. Its only natural that companys move on to a new generation for income stream and technology advancement.

mynameisEvil4078d ago

What's with all of the disagrees on the comments in here? Are there gamers seriously THAT stupid to think that a new console means the previous one is dead? I mean, I knew that there are some people on this site that make a fly look like Einstein, but come on...

With that said, I played my Atari 2600 right until I lost the plug that let me play it on my TV. I still play my NES, SNES, and PS1 games regularly. I still play my PS2 here and there, too. These consoles aren't dead as long as there's content continuously coming out for them (homebrew counts, of course) and when there's still an 'audience' for these consoles. That's not to say that they're still as profitable as the new consoles, of course, but they aren't dead.

Rageanitus4078d ago

It ain't dead when the next gen comes out.... but one thing for sure is we will be seeing less and less support as the newer console matures.....

Some ppl move on faster than others ;)

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