Let's Resurrect These Franchises in 2014

PlayStation Beat: 2013 was the year for new hardware. 2014 is the year of new games. Let’s resurrect these four exiled franchises to help out their respective consoles.

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OverPaperSkies3318d ago

Thing is. Sony are too much about making money off successful franchises.

Too much of a gamble for them to Resurrect older ones.
As for the Getaway, That got canned back in 2007, it wouldn't fare well in the US, it's a mature version of GTA.

DanielGearSolid3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )


Sony probably has the most new IPs last gen.. Including huge risks like Heavy Rain

OverPaperSkies3318d ago

Uncharted 4, Killzone shadow fall, GT6... so new.

DanielGearSolid3318d ago

Ok... So now we're pretending they dont already have a few new IPs announced for the future?

Let alone the Fact that Uncharted, Infamous, Resistance, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Demon Souls were all New IPs created in the PS3 era

HellzAssassin3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

@OverPaperSkies, if you're referring to Sony not having any new IPs for this generation...

- Driveclub (New IP)
- Transistor (New IP)
- Deep Down (New IP)
- Guerilla Games unannounced action game (New IP)
- The Order: 1866 (New IP)
- Resogun (New IP)
- Sony London working on a new IP
- Knack (New IP)
- Daylight (New IP)
- Rime (New IP)

Need me to continue? Sony's always pushing out new IPs, as well as supporting older IPs.

webeblazing3318d ago

transistor not exclusive it coming to pc just like their last game launched on pc before consoles. sony do put out new ips more than ms and nintendo

Last_Boss3318d ago

Some franchises you just go with cause they're proven. If people know that some of their favorite ips exist, then you have the ear of your customer base.

The Order 1886, is extremely huge when it comes to new series. Sony is for great generations deep, so they know where they stand and what we want.

Kiddcarter3318d ago

hmmm they just resurrected sly cooper, and before they changed their minds and made the last of us, naughty dog had been given the green light to bring back jak & dexter, sooooo.

also they've been taking gambles and releasing new IPS's left and right the last two years, the last of us, beyond: two souls, puppeteer, rain, Tokyo jungle, wonderbook (for crying out loud, if wonderbook isn't a gamble, than what is).

now are they about making money off of successful franchises? yes they are, but not anymore than anyone else. In the last few years we have seen kratos on a new or rereleased game cover about just as much as we have seen Mario and Master chief on new or rereleased game covers

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Last_Boss3318d ago

I'd like a new Jet Moto, something fierce w/64 players.

Kiddcarter3318d ago

a new jet moto would look amazing, same with a new mechassault

off topic: seeing mechassault made me think back about other games I had on the original xbox, and damn the first xbox was a good ass system! i know games like ninja gaiden, riddick and knights of the old republic have been rereleased on other platforms now, but nothing beats the first time i played them.

back on topic: I would also like to see a new buffy the vampire slayer game, the original xbox versions were good games, also a proper legacy of kain game would be welcomed as well

Orpheo3318d ago

I don't know about 64 players, but "Jet Moto" was definitely my favorite racing series back in the PS1 era and I'd love to see it come to PS4. I asked Shuhei Yoshida about a possible new installment via Twitter late last year but no reply.

Hopefully we'll get one, though.

Tetsujin3318d ago

How about resurrecting GOOD, complete games instead of cash-ins and cut content passed as DLC. I'll add to the list:

Bushido Blade
Rival Schools
Street Fighter Alpha

jukins3318d ago

Would absolutely love a new Bushido blade.

Retroman3318d ago

Would love a new EINHANDER or Gradius for that matter.

mamotte3318d ago

I'd die for a The World Ends With You on WiiU.

tigertron3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Sony should buy Crash and give us a proper instalment and also resurrect The Getaway. I love the first one.

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