Xbox One: Not Selling as Well as it Should?

GaminRealm: "If you’ve been following the articles I do here for a while now, you would know that I’ve had huge expectations of Microsoft with the Xbox One. I even wrote an article stating that the Xbox One will absolutely dominate the sales chart when it releases due to it’s multi-media centric nature and how it would be marketed to the masses.

One of these systems is being blatantly out-performed, and can be found abundantly on store shelves around the country. Apparently, I was dead wrong about the Xbox One."

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rambi802725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

My main problem with it is that it can't stand upright. i have no space for that monstrosity.

Waiting for a re-disign that is confirmed to work reliably (RROD haunts me to this day) maybe in 3 years i'll get one.

GamerXD2725d ago

Then you should buy a PS4.

On topic: No, because of MS bad PR, it's no doubt they're gonna sell not so well.

BALLBAGS2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

how well does the author expect it to sell considering it had the most disastrous unveiling of any console in history?

let's give the Xbox One time to mature it's only been a month before all these doom and gloom stories

mikeslemonade2725d ago

My expectations for the system are right on spot with a 3:2 PS4 ratio advantage. I was suprised on how well both MS and Sony are supplying the systems. Manufacturing 600,000+ units each week is impressive.

vigilante_man2725d ago

The XB1 is selling well - better than I expected. But Microsoft's sales figures are to the retailer not the customer whereas the PS4 is pretty much sold out in the UK.

In the next 3 months or so we may see much lower figures from MS. Why is a retailer going to take more stock when they have consoles still sitting on their shelves?

I was shocked to go into my local Sainsbury's store on Christmas eve and saw 11 XB1s still unsold. I enquired about the PS4s and was told they were all gone and ship the moment they are put out.

Advertiser's dream about having THE Christmas gift everyone wants. You can never predict what that is going to be. Sony had that this year with the PS4. Demand is huge all over.

starfox0792725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

WiiU best games,best upcoming games,most 1080p native games,Gamepad is king,Dual screen browser thats better by far than 99% of pc browsers,MiiVerse basically friend request anyone from main menu in real time and browse in game screen shots of wiiu games basically check the graphics out 1st and watch developer video's.

WiiU is the only NextGen Console in my eyes.

Project CARS currently runs on 1 cpu core in comparison to 4 cores on ps4 ??? sort of says wiiu's cpu is powerful enough basically and certainly has much more powerful cores than ps4 ie only needing 3.

SITH2724d ago

Just ignore the fact the article is dated Article dated 12 December 2013.


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Starbucks_Fan2725d ago

Well yeah it's only sold 10 consoles so far this year :p

happy new year!

WeaseL2725d ago

Not selling as well as it should maybe but I think it's selling as well as it deserves.
It's what happens when you tell gamers what they want instead of asking what they want although there attitude changed later the damage was done.

R00bot2725d ago

If you ask me, all the next-gen consoles (except maybe the Wii U, but it's picking up now) are selling as well as they should.
Maybe even better, considering the sales of the previous generation were much worse than this.

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