Blu-ray sales less than one disc per player

Sony has come out today saying that the reason it won the Blu-ray format against Toshiba's HD DVD format was because of the PS3 rather than any other market factor.

However while one Sony spokesperson from SCEE confirmed that Blu-ray was a success, a spokesman for Sony Pictures confirmed that PS3 gamers weren't impressed with the new movie format.

"3.3 millions discs have sold to date with 1.4 million of those this quarter", the spokesman confirmed, suggesting that the pick up rate is less that one per Blu-ray player sold (Sony announced that it has sold 5 million PS3 consoles in Europe).

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Hatchetforce3819d ago

...and that still beats the sales of HD DVD. Somebody call a waaaambulance. Another HD DVD fanboy is having a coronary.

Rocko3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Learn to read, retard.

EDIT: Ok? And your a retard using another retard as your avatar.

Too easy...

DomUltra3818d ago

Agent 47, please don't use that as your alias, you sir are a fυcken reject using a cool character as a front.

Hatchetforce3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Learn to extrapolate dumbass. This story was thumped onto N4G by a bunch of whiny ass HD DVD sore losers that will do anything to attack Bluray. And you smell just like one of those putrid little turds.

And here is a clue for you moron: THE STORY IS FROM POCKET LINT NOT SONY. When the New York Times reports on something George Bush says do you then remark the story is from George Bush? No you twit. The story is from the New York Times. What a maroon you blockhead.

And as a story that comes from a 3rd party it is subject to intepretation as well as out right making crap up. "One SCEE spokesman..." Which one? The one that lives in your closet? What a bunch of tripe. And in a fit of angst over the death of HD DVD little dirtbags like you eat up the bullshit with a spoon in each hand.

DomUltra3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Hatchet don't bother brother, we know from time and experience that more than half of the Xbox fanatics are clearly retarded, you can't reason with them, they end up spinning every bit of information so they don't have to feel bad about their short comings.

You still have more than half of them saying Gears of War 1~2 looks better than Killzone 2. Really if I didn't know better I'd say they were inbred at least 10 generations, to the point where their brain is just mashed potatoes.


See this time the superior product prevails, exactly what is happening now, PS3 sales are rising, Xbox 360's are goin' down, HD DVD was clearly not as good, people saw the superiority complex, chose rationally and Blu-Ray became the victor, now people are comparing PS3 and Xbox 360, and are buying PS3 because it delivers games that you couldn't bare to imagine I.E. Killzone 2.

3 Years Microsoft, 3 years and all you guys got is Gears of War to try and compete with Killzone 2? Hmm by those terms it would take you what maybe 9 years to get Killzone 2 graphics? That is if the Xbox didn't crap out on you first, and hell we both know the mid-range pc, oops I mean "console" couldn't handle it regardless.

JBaby3433818d ago

You put it all out there on that one. We knew what you meant but you know on this site you have to elaborate for a lot of the users.

Dom KZ2 is going to be nothing short of incredible and oh yeah... The world is Blu.

Rocko3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Sounds like Sony to me. Owning you 2 [email protected] is just so easy. Whats really sad though is that you can't handle a little bad blu-ray news even when its from Sony themselves, f*cking pathetic.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3818d ago

Nasim...! pass over your stupid sign and give it to Hatchetforce, your off the hook for a comment.

Hatchetforce3818d ago

I know Dom. It is like watching a fat man that was just shoved over a ledge and they have found that last branch on which to cling and that is slowly coming out by the root. Ha ha ha I am laughing my ass off at these clowns. I can't comprehend what drives idiots like these to hate technology so much when they have a hobby built on technology. Pathetic really.

And this Agent is a real gem. He acts like deepthroat sources are dependable. I think we know the real reason is he identifies with the idea of deepthroat. What can I say. Desperate people at the end will do any thing and bend over with their cheeks spread for anyone.

You are going to love this. I just received a call from a Microsoft spokesman and on the condition he remain anonymous, he confirmed that Agent 47 was in fact conceived from genetically weak sperm. His father was masturbating and his mother sat on it at the last moment. He stated that the better gentic material actually wound up on the bed sheets where it was promptly consumed by the family dog.

You see how that works when you just decide to go off the fact rails and scream? Ha ha. Man I love crushing them like insects. They get so mad when facts and logic give them a beating and then they just start screaming. " Well, uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm, You're gay!"

Ha ha ha! It's like taking candy from a baby, and I mean a retarded baby with a full diaper. Too easy.

DomUltra3818d ago

Lol right on hatchet.

How about.

" An unidentified Microsoft spokes men came out earlier today claiming that the majority of Xbox owners are homosexual, he couldn't bring any proof because his dog ate it"

You xbot's will honestly believe anything.

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Fan Tastic3819d ago

Count or don't count the PS3 depending on the stat as long as it puts blu-ray in a negative light.

ruibing3819d ago

Yeah, a really poor choice to use numbers for that "confirm". Sales are down because of a lack good action flicks and holiday sales. Release Iron Man and Transformers on Blu Ray and it'll pick up again.

pharmd3819d ago

yeah, last time i checked technically every ps3 game is on a bluray disc, this is bad writing on the journalists part..... better research next time loser

thereapersson3818d ago

That's not how it works. This is about movies, not games...

wow4u3818d ago

The reason BluRay won was because Sony gave its MPAA partners many hundreds of millions to discontinue HD-DVD support.

TresTrendu3818d ago

Doesn't matter you have to be an idiot to pay over double the price when alot of the time's the picture is either grainy or has motion artifact's.

WIIIS13818d ago

So Sony admits that they screwed the masses by depriving them of choice of a better and cheaper format (since the choice was made by PS3 owners) and you say this is a spin? I'm just glad that Sony is bleeding from their investment both on the gaming and movie departments 'cos they deserve it.

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niall773819d ago

still "spinning" in its grave

zimbo0073819d ago

BIoodmask (4) - 2m ago
green (2) - 13m ago
toughNAME (3) - 53m

same xbox 360 camp with defunct HD DVD drive

wow4u3818d ago

BluRay is stillborn. No one cares about plastic discs.

The next (and current?) method of media distribution is via the internet.

Digital Distribution for the win.

Didnt anyone tell you? you can get (at least) Vongo, CinemaNow and Netflix as Digital Distribution movies on the Xbox 360 right now.

no one cares about $45 movie discs.

Auron3818d ago

then I saw the $30 price tag! so I went home and pulled a bit torrent

JBaby3433818d ago

I care about plastic disks. Right there you are wrong. Xbox fans struggling for something to make the PS3 look bad and thus leaning towards DD say they don't care about disks.

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paracardium3819d ago

they need to drop bluray to $20 a movie instead of the inflated pricing they have now.

aiphanes3818d ago

It will happen...the 1080p HDTVs....the 2008 models are going to have starting prices around $1100...even Sony models starting around June first.

What do you think these new HDTV owners want to watch movies on...bluray....DVD can not spin is blurry..and grainy...bluray rocks...and once you get a real 1080p TV at least 42 inches or will see the difference.

ravinash3818d ago

Your right, the big thing stopping the sales right now is the price which jumped up after HD-DVD folded.
I've got a pile of BlueRay disks, but I won't be adding to them until the price comes back down again, which it will...they just trying to find the price point right now where they can make money and people are willing to it will drop.

PirateThom3819d ago

So... less than 1 disc per player... including PS3s?

So, yeah, PS3 not a movie player, confirmed.