More people are playing PC games than ever

According to the official Steam & Game Stats page for Valve’s game distribution service, the number of concurrent Steam users hit an all-time high on 12/29/13 with a peak of 7,679,815.

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KrisButtar3259d ago

I would have thought it was higher as because of how many Steam users there are

Blackdeath_6633259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

you should keep in mind though that gaming habits on PC are completely different. people tend to use their PC for other stuff most of the time while having steam open in the background meanwhile on consoles if some one turns the console on it will be for the soul purpose of playing games. its hard to have an idea of what this difference in gaming habit make between pc and console but i would imagine it has some part in the difference between total users and concurrent users

mikeslemonade3259d ago

Generation 6= Generation 8. PS4 domination is going to put PC gaming back into the closet. Generation 6 was when lots of PC gamers transitioned to the consoles.

LAWSON723259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I disagree I am a core gamer that gamed exclusively on the 360 for most of last gen, and I have turned both it and my PS3 on countless times to watch/listen to media. There have been times I looked at my friends list and 1/3 of them are watching Netflix. There have been times me and my friends would just chat on the dashboard

TekoIie3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. However I assume you're not a fan of that ;)

starchild3259d ago

@ mikeslemonade

Haha you're a funny guy. Your devotion to Sony is commendable, they should hire you.

But you're off your rocker. PC gaming has been growing dramatically. I'll eventually get a PS4 when the price drops and there are a handful of exclusives I want to play, but I guarantee I, and many others, will continue to happily game on our PCs.

CynicalKelly3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

You do have a point that PC gamers may have Steam open in the background while they do other things but you couldn't be more wrong about consoles.

PS3 became wildly popular with non gamers for it's Blu-Ray Player and Netflix has been used an awful lot on consoles. I believe there was an article a while ago that showed statistics that people were watching movies almost as much as they were playing games.

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XiSasukeUchiha3259d ago

Who would of thought That Steam has this many users!

JBSleek3259d ago

I'm not surprised at all. A digital store with fantastic deals; it's an easy choice to choice Steam. Gone are the days in which you have to pay outrageous prices for software and they have been gone for quite some time.

bumnut3258d ago

"Gone are the days in which you have to pay outrageous prices for software and they have been gone for quite some time."

Unless you buy a console, then you can pay £55 for a game + internet tax to actually play it!

Thatlalala3259d ago

Now lets show how many times each of those users pirate.

Seafort3259d ago

Right back at you with console users. Console gamers aren't all angels either.

I have 700+ games on steam. I guess I'm a pirate too by your low standards.

Utalkin2me3259d ago

Yeah, but which platform has the most? Its pretty obvious. Whats your resell value in those 700+ games?

Bonerboy3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

@ utalkin2me.

Whats YOUR resale value in the game you paid 40-60 bucks for? $5 at best at gamestop etc? As PC games go I have probably paid between 10-20 for the same AAA title you got hosed for (and the PC version still looks and plays better). So do the math and see who still comes out ahead financially...It sure as hell isn't you and your console. Not to mention we PC folk can ALWAYS play our OLDER titles FOREVER if we so choose and they are ALWAYS compatible so why would we need to sell them? Console users NEED to sell their overpriced games to shell out for the next overpriced console or overpriced game. PC's generally dont brick or become obsolete as a console does and therefore, simply put we don't NEED to sell.

webeblazing3259d ago

And how many console users pirate games?

Bonerboy3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Tons my friend. More than you could possibly imagine. If you dont care about the crappy console online community, it doesn't take much to modify your last gen system to play almost any game for the price of a dual layer disc($1-$1.50).

caseh3259d ago

Those figures can be misleading, I signed up for Steam a while ago for a single game but I only really played the game for a few days.

Great service but like PSN, subscriptions/sign ups don't = user base.

curtis923259d ago

Those are ACTIVE users online. The steam user base is MUCH larger than that.

Blackdeath_6633259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

what? the article is specifically talking about concurrent users people using the service at any one time not the number of people who signed up for steam did you even bother reading past the title? steam has about 65 -70 mill registered users if you were wondering and considering that PC is an open platform and that steam isn't the ONLY place you can play games on pc and doesn't account for every pc gamer that is quite impressive

caseh3259d ago


Yes I did read the article, like Eldyraen pointed out many have it running in the background. Funnily enough, I have it running in the background but I haven't used it in ages. No doubt i'm not the only one.

Eldyraen3259d ago

That's true as a lot of us with Steam have it running in the background while not necessarily playing a game. However even now there are currently 5,984,710 Steam users logged on while 1,319,872 of them are in-game (from Community page).

Plus if you take into account that there are huge communities of gamers outside of Steam (especially MMOs--in particular outside of those released in US) its just a fraction of what actual PC gamers exist in the world. PSN/XBL user accounts make it much easier to estimate than PC gamer statistics but neither will be perfect (as some people have had multiple accounts--even if just trial ones now and again for friends/family).

webeblazing3259d ago

I built a PC 5 yrs ago I Dont think I'm going back 2 consoles until the new consoles price go down to 200. The online fees n the constant rehashes of games turned me off last gen. Its just more options on PC than consoles. I love my ps3 n I loved my vita when I had it but I'm not really missing much.

I'll get the new consoles before the next ones come out.

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SirDjss3259d ago

I just built a pc for my kid instead of a ps4 and his eyes glowed. :)

Eldyraen3259d ago

Sure that's not from LED reflections? ;) Custom pcs can light up a room if you want them to.

Saryk3259d ago

Did the same thing last year for both my sons. He told me to sell the Xbox (which is collecting dust).

JBSleek3259d ago

It's a smart move. Why deal with expensive software and games being obsolete every time the hardware upgrades.

starchild3259d ago

That's awesome. I wish more parents were like you.

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