Five Great Games You Probably Didn't Play in 2013

GodisaGeek: "With all the AAA releases this year and, of course, the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it’s been a difficult 12 months for smaller games – but there have been some absolute gems, particularly in the indie vein. Here’s a quick round-up of five games released this year that we feel you really should have played, but probably overlooked. Add them to your pile of shame, and sort it out."

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ZodTheRipper3557d ago

Why is Hotline Miami on this list? Even my friends who don't game that much wanted to play this. Also, Guacamelee is free on PS+ so most (at least I did) PSVita users played it.

Puppeteer was also a great game but for my taste a bit too childish ...the presentation was a 10/10 but the something was missing to keep me engaged.

GodisaGeek3557d ago

Fair comment, but not everyone owns a Vita. Guacamelee is out on PC now, though :-)

ZodTheRipper3557d ago

I didn't say that Guacamelee or Puppeteer shouldn't be on this list ...I'm just sure that most people played Hotline Miami by now.

SamPao3557d ago

It is also free on ps3 ps+

abzdine3557d ago

i didn't buy COD, i didn't buy BF, i didn't buy GTA.
I bought Puppeteer, Tearaway and Beyond

majiebeast3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Double post :(

majiebeast3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

TEARAWAY! Its such a amazing game that nobody bought because Sony send it to die in the the next gen console hype. W101 also a great game that didnt get enough love.

GodisaGeek3557d ago

Tearaway was pretty much #6 on the list. Incredible game that everyone should play.

SonyStyled3557d ago

i bought tearaway. i will admit i only bought it because it was half price at gamestop. i can say this game is worth $40. hell, even $60. absolutely incredible. anybody with a vita really should get this game. there is a demo for it on the store if anyone wants to try before buy

GodisaGeek3557d ago

From memory, I believe one of our guys said on the podcast that it's finally a reason to actually go and buy a vita! :-)

PlayStation_43557d ago

actually, there were quite a few TV ads for Tearaway over in Europe (and likely NA?).

there were many more PS4 ads though

GodisaGeek3557d ago

Oh there were, and in the UK they had PS Vita sponsor shows like The Simpsons.

Trouble is, Tearaway is a game you kind of need to play. The advert that was on before The Simpsons actually put off a few people we know!

Venoxn4g3557d ago

really good list, people please take a look on these games if you didn't, really good games with quality

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Phoenix76424d ago

No mention of Astrobot on the VR, one of the best platform titles Sony have put out

424d ago

10 years on, Hotline Miami's OST remains the perfect accompaniment for introspective ultraviolence

Do you like hurting other people? Ten years later, it's probably the music that drove you to it, let's be honest.


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CDbiggen748d ago

There's a reason I didn't buy most of these when they came out.

MadLad748d ago

After a game's multiple generations old, and can't be had new at a reasonable price, that's when I see nothing wrong with emulation.

What's the point of paying someone scalper prices when the dev/publisher isn't even benefiting from it?

mkis007748d ago

Emulation doesn't stop a games physical box from becoming collectible.