Wii U Tablet Becomes a Streaming Device

Thoughts on what the recent use of Nintendo's Wii U system as a streaming device may offer for the future of the company and the industry.

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DanielGearSolid2380d ago

You know what I just remembered?

TVii, what ever happened to that?

Kevlar0092380d ago

It exists, Nintendo just never advertises it (for some reason)

It's one of the Gamepad's more innovative features no one talks about, probably because everyone forgot it exists

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2380d ago

it not advertise because it irrelevant to gaming console.

Agent_hitman2380d ago

I think the Wii U gamepad is ideal for streaming PC games like SHIELD..

strigoi8142380d ago

my girlfriend always use it watching her korean dramas and netflix.

andrewer2380d ago

AMD's technology behind this is amazing...Imagine next generation using it so that you don't need to use HDMI or anything, purely wireless video output. That's the Wii U gamepad, hope there will be new things like this in the future

imXify2380d ago

Next gen h265 video encoding might make that possible. 50% better quality than h264 for the same size. But we don't know if they'll make it a standart like h264.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2380d ago

YouTube, Twitch and just about any site that stream video works on Wii U.

Parapraxis2380d ago

..they also work on tablets.

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