Game Revolution: Ninja Reflex Review

Game Revolution writes: " am excited about Ninja Reflex for two reasons. The first is that as the resident ninja assassin for GR (who, by the way, has been ordered by the red-bearded one to dispose of two unlucky 360 robbers), I am fond of all titles that have my not-so-secret occupation in their name. Though my inner spirit grumbled over yet another compilation of mini-games for the Wii, my outer desire to master the art of stealth and speed swept away my doubts. If only I knew the disaster to which this path would lead.

The second is that as the ruthless critic, such a disastrous game fuels all manners of creativity, which then gather into an unsympathetic explanation of my disgust. I had a whole story planned. I would hear of an evil shinobi who cursed the Temple of Ninja Reflex. I would ready my blade and set out to vanquish him. I would find him waiting for me on a quaint bridge over a clear, silent creek, and we would fight for three days until he had my throat in his hands. Slowly choking to death, I would have to listen to him explain how the temple was the evil one, not he. He would then release me from his grasp, and as I coughed blood into the creek, he would reveal his true identity. He was my future self, sent to guard me and the world from ever living through Ninja Reflex as he had."

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