2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to December 14th

VGChartz - Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the four home consoles and four handhelds over comparable periods for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Also shown is the market share for each of the consoles over the same periods.

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hazardman2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Wow, PS4 700k up on Xbox One! Honestly thought it was bigger number. Also MS not doing bad at all considering all the crap they went thru. Good numbers for both!!

Edit: BTW... Those saying MS cant hang with Sony need to stop. MS sold 2.1mil in 13 countries. Sony 2.8 in 32 countries respectively. I dont want a numbers breakdown of why your right and im wrong. I just see 13 and 32... 2.1mil($499)and 2.8mil($399).

Shad0wRunner2388d ago

Agreed. Im not a Microsoft fan, but I do gotta give it to em...they ran a pretty good game. Glad to see Microsoft giving Sony some healthy competition. 2014 is gonna be totally sick! LOL

As for Vita, it's kinda sad to see it get beat out by the 3DS....from a Sony perspective. I hope 2014 turns that around. 3DS has been king of handhelds for too long.

As for the Wii U...I saw this coming. I even called it, made predictions and saw it come to pass. I told them Nintendo fanboys, numbers dont lie. And these numbers are legit. Wii U got smoked by PS3, PS4 and XBox One, and it's had an entire year's lead over the competition. They better get some games, next year. But Im afraid anything other than some new, fresh IP's is gonna fall short of a financial victory for the Wii U. Same old first party franchises arent gonna give the Wii U a solid lead over the PS4 and Xbox One, especially next year.

Sorry, but more people are into action thrillers, platformers and FPS games than Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Smash Bros and X. Disagree all you want, but its truth. LOL.

So, the competition destroyed the Wii U during the holidays...just like I said it would. It had a small boost in sales during Christmas, but not significant enough. So, there goes all them "Wii U is just having a bad year. It'll dominate during Christmas. Just wait and see" quotes, fanboys was throwing around. LOL.

I dont hate Nintendo. But if they dont pull their heads out, they deserve to get pummeled by the competition. Regardless if they say they're NOT competing with anyone...theyre in this industry, they have competition, whether they wanna admit it or not.

BosSSyndrome2388d ago

dude nintendo systems are the best for platformers.

MrTimesplitters2387d ago

Are you on Crack? The Wii U out sold the Xbox One last week. So get your facts straight and stop being a Nintendo Doom and Gloom hater. P.S The 3DS disproves all your rant on how people only like action thrillers. You Sir need to calm down and stop trying to predict the future. Your not Michael Pachter.

Shad0wRunner2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


Ah, ok. The Wii U outsold a console thats only been out for a month. The Wii U has also had an entire year in sales, too. If you look at the charts, thats Wii U's total earnings for all of 2013. Perhaps it outsold the XBox one, but it didnt even put a dent in the PS4. LOL.

The 3DS doesnt prove squatt, to me. It's a handheld, and it dominates the handheld market. It has no significant influence on the console market or console gamers, let alone popular genres on consoles. I stand by my previous remarks.

Ah, but I did predict the future. I said the Wii U was gonna lose the holiday battle, between Sony and Microsoft...and it did. I said the Wii U was gonna get hammered in sales by Sony and Microsoft, and it did. Despite how you wanna look at it or how you wanna spin it, even if the Wii U outsold the XBox STILL got beat out by the competition. Period. LOL.

silvacrest2388d ago

its easy to assume those 32 countries simply have less PS4s in stock then the 13 countries with xbox ones

hazardman2388d ago

Not backing off my comments but your are right Sony has more places to cover and obviously they cant supply all of them, but thats therw problem and not mine...but its just good to see regardless. Plus its only been a lil over a month long way to go for sure!


the last FIVE stores ive been to have been completely sold out of ps4's but have had xbox ones sitting on the damn shelf. 3 different walmarts, 2 targets. the microsoft store also had plenty xbox ones in stock, whereas a single ps4 could not be found anywhere inside the mall i was in.
people keep blabbing about how xbone isnt available in every country as if sales are suddenly going to explode once it gets there. dude,the majority of countries xbox one is headed to are smaller countries which make much less of an impact on console sales. the xbox one is not going to magically outsell the ps4 once its availability reaches 32 countries. the xbox one is out in every country that really impacts sales. its also readily available on most store shelves. the playstation 4 however is being bought faster than it can actually be produced. not to mention Japan is still awaiting the ps4 launch...which is kind of a really big deal.


SpitFireAce852388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

You got a Lot to learn...Less stock for those 32 countries for the PS4..Vs 13 countries for Xbone..

Also you cant sell something that's not available
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combatcash2388d ago

I'm sure xbox sales will pick up when they put it a nice price point, it's quite remarkable that its doing this well at such a high price.

PS4 however should end up with the most sales this gen if they get their software in line.

hazardman2387d ago

Ok professor break it down. I see PS4 got a headstart on Xbox One in 19 countries. Came out a week earlier in 2. Also MS was smart to do 13 countries in my opinion. They knew they wouldnt be able to ship enough units for a worldwide launch. So why not concentrate units for places you know Xbox One will do well 1st. Not to mention its always in stock in certain areas, so better for consumers.

Also it wouldnt have been a bad idea if Sony had done same because I can gaurantee you we would have actually seen that 3-1 edge like most assumed easy! Because PS4 is hottest item and $399 more appealing. Now they spread themselves thin and cant keep up with demand. Production for both consoles will pick up and when it does those numbers will probably resemble what we initially thought. Thanks for all your links tho, good info...just dont care.

Hicken2388d ago

So what I'm reading is, "I don't want my faulty reasoning disproved, so don't use any logic when you respond to me."

In which case, I won't bother.

hazardman2387d ago

Disprove me all you want dude, call me fanboy whatever. Im looking at numbers that say Xbox is in good position and I thought PS4 was blowing it out the water in sales but was surprised after seeing totals. Lol..dont worry dude PS4 is in lead so your ok. I bought 2 of em..traded my launch for Xbox One and traded a Traxxas XO1 for an open box PS4. So im good, enjoying both my consoles!

awesomeperson2387d ago

Sony are basically selling every console they make right now. Same went for Microsoft, for a while, but it seems as if now supply is larger than demand.

We can only see definite trends in sales data once both consoles are in a situation where the supply is either able to meet, or exceed the demand.

I do agree though - for all the problems Microsoft faced, they are selling a good deal of units.

miyamoto2387d ago

nah... vgchartz is xbone territory

a site made to grand stand xbox sales

won't believe a single digit they have there no matter what

Hicken2387d ago

You're seeing what you want to see. That's why you don't want a "numbers breakdown," because then you'd be forced to see some reality.

Every market isn't the same size, so having more markets doesn't automatically mean it's gonna jump up in sales. It also doesn't help when you're not able to meet demand in those markets.

On the other hand, the XB1 seems to be fairly capable of reaching demand, and simply isn't selling as fast. Too many reports of large quantities of XB1s on shelves, and too many reports of the PS4 being sold out until next year(see Australia) all points to Microsoft NOT being able to hang with Sony.

Even if you don't want to hear it, the truth is still the truth.

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Blastoise2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Poor Vita, get it together Sony.

Love my Vita I've played it more than anything else this year, pains me to see it doing so badly

miyamoto2387d ago

these numbers are just rumors

combatcash2388d ago

Pretty good numbers for all consoles. Wii u sold more this quarter compared to last year so that's good for them.

purp13m0nk3y2387d ago

It's way too early to call the PS4 vs Xbox1 battle. I say by end of SONY's fiscal year or once SONY manage to supply enough PS4s to meet demand we'll see a clearer picture.

One thing is obvious though. There is far more demand for the PS4 than there is for the Xbox1. If SONY had had the ability to flood the market with PS4s we would be seeing much different numbers than we are currently.

I predict 2 PS4s for every 1 Xbox1 by end of 2014.

ChiliPants2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

I know wii u has been out longer, but im happy to see that they have about a 1/3 of the market share and even more share than xbone. With the very strong game lineup for 2014, eveyone who has said the wii u is dead this year will be eating their words.