Final Design for Call in Mighty No. 9 Revealed

oprainfall writes:
"In their latest Kickstarter update, Comcept has revealed the results of the community poll for the final design of Beck’s partner Call in Mighty No. 9. The design that will now be the official design for Call will be design F, with 43.39% of the vote. Design E took 2nd place with 41.14% of the vote, and Design H was a distant 3rd, with 15.47% of the vote."

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nope1112391d ago

Yes! the one i voted for.

swice2390d ago

The one in the picture dude

Retroman2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


if there were more of a selection such as different facial feature,taller, shorter,different armor or gadget in hand "guns" repulsor beam gun,jet-pack i would not posted "which one". after clicking to view article page there is no other visual choice to choose from what we see here.nor any indication from the photo which one is E they mention Design E,F,H how can we tell the difference in those 3 choices we cant see which one is F which one is H? dont know about you in the following photo of said design "front" "back" sideways same robotic girl,same coloring design is not enough to indicate the above photo at 41.14%. as i said before how do we suppose to choose one from another??? as i stated before WHICH ONE??

NihonjinChick2390d ago

They give you the links to the runner ups in the article.

Retroman2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

thanks NIHON

In my personal opinion DESIGN E look better. that's just me.

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cocadaking2390d ago

Oh no, uninspired Roll clone won...

Bahamut-Shin2390d ago

and Roll is back, and I love it!!

SaintAlpha1012390d ago

They went with the design that resembles Roll the most, but it's still a good design none the less and the game will no doubt be a blast.
I voted for Design E, which came in second place, so that's good as they could put it in as an unlockable skin.

tubers2390d ago

Roughly reminds me of McDonald's with stripes and color theme :P

Prefer E's design.

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