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AceBlazer132378d ago

Don't starve and Isaac for me next month. Already got Tomb Raider.

Mr Tretton2378d ago

Good game. Crap characters. If they could get that together, it would better than Uncharted.

dannphou2378d ago

Is Tomb Raider worth the money? I haven't played it yet..

rambi802378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

i thought it was great. deserves to be on any top 10 games of the year imo

Dark112378d ago

Yeah it's really a great game.

robtion2378d ago

If you haven't played it then yes definitely worth it. Gameplay is cross between Uncharted and Far Cry 3 and atmosphere is a bit like Lost meets The Descent.

Tdmd2378d ago

One of my favorite games of last gen and on my top 5 of 2013!

bloodybutcher2377d ago

i was playing it for a bit on pc and will definitely get it for my the price is down quite much, so it's worth every penny/cent/rabbit skin you'd pay:)

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imt5582378d ago

Just one game for Wii U and Xbone???

Automatic792378d ago


don't forget they have DLC campaign for DeadRising 3 on Xbox One excellent game if you haven't tried it. Can't wait to continue to play this excellent game.

PFFT2378d ago

Thats enough for me. That plus the Dread Rising 3 DLC. Cant freaking wait!

showtimefolks2378d ago

i would like to play tomb raider again but not paying anywhere near full price. I will gladly pay $15-20 and will wait

still pisses me off that they spent resources on useless online MP when they could have made single player even better and longer. Hopefully for sequel they will learn

rambi802378d ago

yeah, less multiplayer and more tombs would have been better.

Automatic792378d ago

I agree not even a descent campaign dlc which I would have love to continue to play TombRaider for.

Bonerboy2378d ago

25 bucks on Steam right now...unless of course you have a nice restrictive console which unfortunately will never offer a discount.

DoctorJones2378d ago

I'll have to wait a little while longer for The Binding of Isaac:Rebirth to come to pc, that's the only game on the list I'd want really. The original is excellent, so Rebirth is bound to be great as well.