GD08: Killzone 2 Attract Mode Gameplay Video

WHile waiting for some real gameplay, here is the attract mode video of Killzone 2 as filmed a few minutes ago by Snoopers during the Gamer's Day event.

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decapitator3815d ago

Holy Sh! speechless.

Condoleezza Rice3814d ago

I don't care if it's in pre-alpha or not lol,this game looks fantastic!

Ghoul3814d ago

what a awesome game - im stunned

Condoleezza Rice3814d ago

From the E3 video,that was,low res textures,are gone.I know it's off screen but still,the textures look crisp and detailed!

Liquid Dust3814d ago

Speechless as well, I was having a few doubts for a while since the last in game footage I saw was good, but not great. But this video just smashed my face in. Hopefully we'll see some more before the end of P-Day.

hazeblaze3814d ago

Anyone that claimed about the first footage being 'too dark', or still not meeting the target from the '05 target render have now been COMPLETELY OWNED!!! That game is looking freakin sweeeet!!! Truly the best looking game I've seen this gen now. Hope the gameplay can hold up. Can't wait to hear a release date announced!

jwatt3814d ago

That freaking building falling apart looks awesome, It also looks like they fix the issue that has been irking me which is the textures and they look good. They still have plenty of time to chew away on the graphics too Killzone looks good.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3814d ago

WOW!!! ;-P Amazing that video was!!! ;-P
He's clever the Creator of the PS3;)

fanboi hater3814d ago

i just think i made an oopsy in my pants

that looks incredible especially the building being destroyed

mikeslemonade3814d ago

LOL at this bandwagon. I said Killzone 2 was going to be the game of the year even though it got delayed to Febuary, but even then people were downplaying this game, so FU for whoever doubted me. This game makes GTA4 look like childsplay.

fox023814d ago

omfg! While i was dowloading the video, i read some comments, and they were all like "speechless", "wow",.. and i said to myself; "this vid is probably shyt, it's just some playstation fanboys talking again".

And then i saw the video; OMG, my jaw dropped... i'm still picking the pieces right now

jwatt3814d ago

Ha ha yea I know how we fanboys get, but this really does look amazing and there is still alot of time left in development.

Maddens Raiders3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

lol, PWND indeed (and it's only a SNIPPET). This game will have me waiting even longer for its arrival, but damn it's so worth it. For some people Marty / Jokes on You / Cyber Sentinal / Tough Name/ Feral Phoenix/ VirusE/ Genuine/Wageslave, etc.. who thought that this game was lacking color, texture, and features, and that overall thought that it's going to to be any sort of disappointing continuation of the 2004 entry --- sorry, but you're flat wrong.

This is the definitive SNE AAA 120 million doallar flagship game that will mark the beginning of SNE's entry into the "next, next" gen games segment starting in 2009, and clearly the game to "beat" in the coming years. Damn, Guerilla you're really doing it now.

People that doubted Sony this whole time have nothing to say and some of those same people will actually go out and purchase one within the next 6 months. This is a wonderful day to be a PS3 owner.

I need bubbles people! Thanks.

Maddens Raiders3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

i just downloaded and watched it again on big screen Bravia.


This game looks so clean. I mean really, really clean. The character models are big, and very detailed, with realistic physics to boot as they fall and crash against walls; floors.

I love how the metal laced floors and walls stay searing hot for a while after the rounds penetrate them.

The wind, making light objects blow across the screen during gameplay, and not affecting framerate, along with beautiful, billowing smoke &

Huge, vivid explosions, with a sh8tload of collateral damage -- How 'bout that lighting, huh????

I still want to see some exsamples of rounds penetrating soft walls a la MGS4, and some more "geo-mod" destruction of walls, buildings and not things that are part of the mission -- just random destruction by gunfire. OMG I can't imagine how intense MP will be (((with vehicles)) this time WOOOOOOT (sorry I'm freaking out so bad)

Does anyone think that this game is slightly owning MGS 4 right now -- graphics wise??? Don't get me wrong 1st day MGS4 for me; just wondering.

What can I say. Guerilla is giving us just enough to keep people like me hopped up over the next few months like Tony Montana looking & waiting for that next duffle bag full of coke. Oh yeah, and I love all of the gratuitous swearing!!! Adds even more realism....and who can ignore the trademark KZ reload pr0n?????

Demo Please!!!!!!!!! (ok, I've got to get a drink of water) 8D

Homicide3814d ago

I'm just excited like all of you all. Holy sh1t @ the graphics.

rawg3814d ago

*licks pencil and writes killzone 2 on list of games to buy*

zapass3814d ago

can't stop watching...
this is [email protected]!

it has to be ingame... the cam moves FPS style... yet rock solid 60Hz silky smooth... wow... animations, physics, SFX, everything is spot on...

JBaby3433814d ago

The game just looks too good. I cannot wait to find out more. My interest is peaked all over again for this.

Wait a second... Wasn't the PS3 supposed to suck? I could swear I heard that all last year and some this year too.

dan-boy3814d ago

man that looks good....does anyone know what the player count on-line is for kz2??

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pwnsause3815d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

the game has defenitely got better and colorful since it was introduced last year at E3


yea, that could be it, but still, you can see the difference, i dont know why i got a disagree if Im saying that its a positive change.

TheExecutive3815d ago

thats because its not as overcast as it was in the last scene. Colors are going to become more vibrant as more light hits them. Its no more colorful than last E3, just more sun.

eagle213814d ago

I like the way your brain works bro! :)

TheExecutive3815d ago

WOW... watching that building crumble was f*cking amazing.

This game looks this good with 9 months left of development time? amazing.

decapitator3814d ago

Yeah man. Its crazy. The whole thing practically just started crumbling.

jwatt3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Just watch the first scene with the tank and keep pausing it, watch all the explosions, smoke and fire effects it looks crazy. Just imagine playing this [email protected] online.

Killzone just shot back to the top of my list of most wanted ps3 games!

Keep working at it GG, your going to earn your respect.

ScentlessApprentice73814d ago

Don't you just love how random 360 butt buddies come in here and disagree with your comments even though you said nothing wrong.

Here come the disagrees below with my comment; 360 guys, get a f'n life.

Kami3814d ago

they still have 9 months. wow. now i can say that they will be bish slapping that infamous target video from E3. crap

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SlyGuy3814d ago


Sweet vid. Nice immersive feel.

One funny part...the 3rd video at the end (3:09 i think), the helgast bad guy did a sliding split when he died. LOL.

scheme_a3814d ago


I also spotted that and lmao.
I guess it's a similar bug we see in assassin's creed where character animation is partly dynamic.
i hope they minimize that kind of problem for the final game.