Unreal Engine 4 Showcased Via A Pre-Alpha Test Video

DSOGaming writes: "It's been a while since our last look on Unreal Engine 4, don't you think? Well, today we bring a new video from a project that is powered by Epic's new game engine. Created by YouTube's 'ZzGERTzZ', this video shows off a project in its early pre-alpha stages."

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john22385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I think it looks fine for pre-alpha (take a look at BF4 pre-alpha for example. It looked even worse than this). Also this is done by a single person and not by a team

pedrof932384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Keanu Reeves meet up with Dante.

windblowsagain2384d ago

I really do hope your

BF4 destroys 99% of games out there and it's massive. Looks like a warzone.

Of course games look better as they become retail, but i'm waiting for the next big thing to change things.

john22384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

@windblowsagain: Nope I'm not kidding. Also BF4 in E3 was not pre-alpha, despite being marked as one. It was a playable product. Alpha? Perhaps. Oh, and both DICE and EA would never release 'true' pre-alpha stuff to the public ;)

sinjonezp2384d ago

I can see why you guys say it looks poor but there are some good assets being shown. The textures and the lighting is good. I think if the demo had better shadow quality it would be a lot better.

MurDocINC2384d ago

Yes some of it looks poor but the subway area looks nice.

AndrewLB2384d ago

The problem is that they released a tech-demo that was "pre-alpha". Tech-Demo's should always be complete, polished, and never look half-a$$ed.

Prime1572384d ago

Pre alpha, alpha, beta, release. Still very far from polished. Don't forget the video we all awed over during (if I remember correctly) the ps4 reveal.

The way I see it is that this is one project using the unreal 4 engine, not actually a depiction of the engine (especially since pre alpha).

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frostypants2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Dude...PRE-ALPHA. The cityscape I think was supposed to look like a simulation (remember the empty simulation routine in the Matrix). The subway portion looked good. The bowl of fruit towards the end, plus the guy's sword, looked really good. The character models are clearly in their very early stages.

That said, is this just some individual's pet project, or the pre-alpha for a real game? Because a true fully licensed game in the Matrix universe for next-gen platforms would be freaking awesome..."shut up and take my money"-level awesome...

EDIT: Look at the mug @ :14. Hmmm...

DeadlyFire2385d ago

The objects, lighting, and environment look great. Character model needs some work, but this is basic rough sketch this lone guy designed. The engine promotes the quality of objects, lighting, and environments, but I can't say that I haven't seen some competitor engines with the same quality.

Grap2385d ago

bad programmer 'nuff said.

frostypants2384d ago

@Grap, oh please. Go program something better. We'll wait. Tip: go Google "Hello World BASIC"...I'm guessing you'll need to start there.

sonic9892384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

i was thinking about a gameplay footage but what i got is a graphical showcase ....ZZZzzzzZZZZ

AngelicIceDiamond2384d ago

The environments they showcsed looks pretty good. The character looked very last gen imo.

This is Pre-Alpha build so its only gonna get better.

givemeshelter2384d ago

This is done by one person... You try and do this... And it's pre Aplha...
Good god people

Mozef2384d ago

you are right! Very Poor video, look at the movement of the Ninja, It's not even a an organic move. what I call Unreal Demo is 1.Samaritan Demo 2.Infiltrator Demo 3.Elemental Demo. That's what I can call concepts and could be games in the future.


ShiftyLookingCow2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

What is really poor is the headline. This seems to be the work of a single Matrix fan not some company. It is impressive for that.

donman12384d ago

Looks very poor. They should have waited and did more work on this demo before showing it.

JackISbacK2384d ago

man this is created by some grapics designing learning student ,other demos are mind blowing check them out.

Spenok2384d ago

This absolutely HAS to be an indie title. I hope so at least...

Irishguy952384d ago

1.40 onwards looks very good. Other than that, this is extremely good for 1 guy to have done it. Imagine what a team of 40-50 could do...

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redwin2384d ago

"The spoon does not exist "

Fixay2385d ago

This was created by a random youtuber lol. Put this in the hands of professionals and it's sure to impress

Spurg2385d ago

Forget the person jumping around...look at the level of detail in the room. The underground one was pretty good.

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