Debunking the Myth: Mobile Games Overtaking Console Games

Daniel Dunham writes "It’s been rumored for some time now that mobile games will eventually replace console games as the preferred medium of play. However, to compare the two is akin to comparing night and day; they are, after all, enjoyed by two entirely different demographics, looking for two entirely different forms of entertainment."

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CaEsAr-2387d ago

Not in a million years.

darthv722387d ago

While i understand the premise of the artice there is a problem i see from the beginning. its the re-defining the term 'core' gamer. That term is derided from the initial term 'hardcore' as in someone who is heavily dedicated at something.

The use of the original term was about those who had the ability to game on pretty much anything at the time. A person who would play the good with the bad on virtually any platform from arcade to console to portable...etc.

I cant recall when but perhaps it was the rise of the so called 'casual' gamer that the original term was shortened and changed in regards to those who would be self proclaimed 'core'.

Meaning that by the virtue of todays use there could never be a core player of a casual game. i can tell you that is wrong. Judging by the number of people that play mobile games like candy crush, these people have put some serious time and effort into making it through the game. Now that is just one example of a mass market appeal 'casual' game. There are others like angry birds, where's my water and the various other socially accepted games.

now i dont believe mobile is in the market to overthrow console or even portable gaming. i believe there is room for coexistence. Mobility represents a convenience that console does not yet posses. that being its games are playable anywhere anytime by virtually anybody and on something that person may already have.

when it comes to console gaming, you have to be in the mood to purchase a unit that is as dedicated for the entertainment as it will provide. People these days purchase a phone or tablet with the intention to use it as it is intended and the ability to play games is a secondary benefit but one that seeks to bring more people INTO the idea of gaming. which can lead to an increase in the adoption of more dedicated console purchases.

so they essentially need each other, they feed off each other and the whole core experience of gaming is united in the same sense that it is all meant to entertain the user.

KakashiHotake2387d ago

Well said. The only thing I'd like to add is this...

"Mobility represents a convenience that console does not yet posses. that being its games are playable anywhere anytime by virtually anybody and on something that person may already have."

That one weakness that consoles have may be coming to an end sooner than you think thanks to Gaikai. Looking at what Sony is doing with remote play with it's Vita is addressing just that. Now not only can you play your console at home you can also continue gaming from your console on the road via PS Vita. but that's only the beginning. Sony has already said they see the future of PlayStation becoming more of a service and I believe a lot of that has to do with Gaikai's streaming capability. I wouldn't be surprised if in 3 or 4 years we're streaming PS4 to our phones and tablets. I have to hand it to Sony, remote Play was a brilliant idea. Not yet perfect but will only improve as internet speeds improve so the potential is almost limitless.

darthv722387d ago

Certainly the vita represent a very good possibility in the sense of taking console experience with you on the go. Its rather unconventional size however puts it at more of a niche thing than real convenience. but your other point about the potential to stream to our tablets and phones seems more plausible.

Especially when you think that the tech that drives the mobility market will improve just as the tech that drives the stationary market (consoles/pc) will get smaller and possibly even more portable.

There is room for both markets. i have the benefit of growing up with gaming since pong and have seen it really progress into what it is now and can assume the future will hold many surprises to keep on increasing gamings grasp on the public.

Chrono2387d ago

Mobile games are not overtaking console games because it's not even the same market.

Pillsbury12387d ago

There will be a place for both, remember when they thought internet would kill tv? Happens every time a new medium comes in.

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