Sony unveils fresh EyeToy games

Sony has unveiled a fancy EyeToy game for children that comes with its very own sword peripheral.

Dubbed EyeToy: Heroes, it will see you attempting to save the world by saving a cheerleader. Or more accurately, it will allow youngsters to muck about with a sword peripheral.

Sony Europe boss David Reeves did the unveiling at the just-this-minute-finished Sony PlayStation Day conference.

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Cwalat3817d ago

omg someone needs a kick in the ass for not posting any news or details about the Tank game..

Rockstar3817d ago

Isn't the camera for the PS3 simply titled the Playstation Eye?

For PS2 or PS3?

KillahCam3817d ago

Where's the video for this?

ban fans3817d ago

I've dying for a good pom pom shaking simulator!

feejo3817d ago

This is what they found to compete the Wii?!!