Server Downtime further exposes Nintendo’s Poor Planning

The recent server downtime of Nintendo’s eShop and internet services on the Wii U and the 3DS is the latest of a long line of Nintendo’s poor planning issues that has been plaguing them for a while. The debut of Miiverse on the 3DS would have put a large load on their servers and the Poke Bank was the breaking point when it was released in Japan which officially melted down their servers. From consoles launches to game software release dates – these has been pattern of poor planning and predictions of common sense in the future by CEO Satora Iwata.

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Malice-Flare2393d ago

Nintendo is still a long way from overcoming their corporate culture that keeps them from adapting to the new market...

christicehurst2393d ago

That is true, their culture is also holding them back in certain areas. Unlikely to change under Iwata unless something big happens.

-Foxtrot2393d ago

Sometimes you can't always stick to tradition. In an ever changing market you've got to adapt. I mean they're online is terrible and should of least been revamped so it could match up to XBL or the PSN. Maybe some Gamecube classics on there and other stuff.

As you said this won't change under Iwata....he needs to go, he's holding the company back.

Theyellowflash302393d ago

So did all of Rockstar's issues with GTA 5 result in poor planning?

How about PSN being hacked, Sony didn't plan right?

The PS4's online network was having issues as well. Was their poor planning.

Exactly why are you singling out Nintendo when all companies have had downtime for their servers?

DomceM2393d ago

Spot on YellowFlash

Sonyfangirls bash nintendo and ignore that their CC info was stolen.

Go ask Sony to plan better will ya? Thanks.

wonderfulmonkeyman2393d ago

If the new market would require them to drop the pad, go third party, ditch the 3ds for making mobile games, and ditch the wii u entirely in favor of a new console before the current one has even picked up its best games, i would rather they stay stuck in the past.
A lot of people have been making a lot of very stupid suggestions regarding nintendo lately.

worldwidegaming2393d ago

Doubt they will ever change. Its the Japanese way.

WiiUsauce2392d ago

Lol funny how NOBODY remembers the THREE MONTH LONG PSN outage lolol

jaymart2k2392d ago

And Microsoft's x-mas outage, at least Wii U doesn't cost anything for online.

ifistbrowni2392d ago

or the christmas outage of 2013... 2 days ago.

My buddies and i were unable to sign onto ps4 Christmas day and yesterday.

deafdani2390d ago

Three months? If I remember correctly, it was around four or five weeks.

Your point still stands, though.

Shnazzyone2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I'm a Nintendo Fanboy and even I admit. They fucked up. How the hell were they that unprepared? Nothing like failing your customers on christmas day. I brought my Wii U to my dad's for netflix. I actually had to go to the wii side to even do it. Embarassing.

I hope this gets nintendo to finally adopt an subscriptions based service. Why can't nintendo just make me pay 50 bucks a year and just say, "you know all our nes and SNES catalog? Unlimited access to that with the subscription." Hell I'd pay 70 if they just offered all Nintendo NES and SNES titles to play openly.

Then they can afford servers needed to be a popular online game system.

wolfsaviorzx2392d ago

If your brought a Wii U for netflix, epic fail. Seriously get a game console for playing games. Online isn't necessary for Wii U to enjoy any retail games (Update is included with disk).

ifistbrowni2392d ago

@wolf, he obviously said he took his wii U to his dads for christmas to watch netflix.

Not, "i bought my wii u for netflix."

EpiK FaiLz on dEm ReADiNg skillZzZ!

Shnazzyone2392d ago

@wolf, Of course I also had wonderful 101 for christmas eve. Also had the joy of an nintendo eshop card in my stocking. That was fun.

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Chrono2393d ago

Poor planning leads to incompetency.

The_Villager2393d ago

Somebody is obsessed with Nintendo Lol

sarcastoid2393d ago

isn't your avatar from Animal Crossing?

weekev152393d ago

Surely incompetency leads to poor planning?

Heisenburger2393d ago

Lol he didn't plan that out very well! XD

jcnba282393d ago

I think his plan with that comment was to "look smart" but failed miserably. He is a common troll in Nintendo articles.

Shnazzyone2392d ago

Poor planning can sometimes result in perceived incompetence. However anyone in this thread obviously thinks they are smarter than they are.

WiiUsauce2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yup just how Sony poorly planned their psn network when all you Sony drones' credit card information was stolen and their servers went down for months. Yeah, I guess Sony is incompetent, huh? And guess what? Nintendo's network is back up lol.

TheEvilWithin2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I had issues for a day or two but everything is working fine now. I don't see how this came up as poor planning? Didn't GTA5 get plagued with these same issues? Large amounts of people trying to sign in at once? Would it seem like poor planning for Sony to always get hacked? S*** happens guys. If its down for a few days it just means we need patience for Nintendo to sort this out. NOT the end of the world. I do feel bad for the people picking up there consoles and having sign issues. You can still play single player games till it's back up.

Reeze2393d ago

Are we all forgetting everyone else's Christmas downtime?

Anyway, I somewhat agree with the article. I mean, as well as this, Flipnote Studio 3D has been delayed for MONTHS and MONTHS just because the servers aren't ready to support everyone...

I'm no tech genius, but I think that a company as big as Nintendo can work this out...

wonderfulmonkeyman2393d ago

All off the big 3 have been having server issues, and yet somehow this is being spun into yet another doom and gloom article on nintendo?
Wow,i guess that one article was telling the truth; nintendo bashing has become some sort of sick fad.-_-;;

christicehurst2393d ago

This article was about their decision making - mostly on their internet front and the Wii U. The 3DS has had a perfect year in terms of what they have done to it.

The Wii U in 2014 needs something like what the 3DS was treated to this year. Nintendo is never doomed - it just has a few areas where people would like them to apply some common sense and hopefully steer the ship right with the Wii U.

Theyellowflash302393d ago

Its a stupid article that's a bit sensational to get hits

wonderfulmonkeyman2393d ago

Yeah well, don't games like X, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors count as steps in that direction, as far as their 2014 lineup goes? And s far as their internet stuff goes they've been getting games and discounts on them for a while now, as well as offering games from several generations of their back catalog and sega's machines.
Yeah, they haven't offered up a ton of n64 and gc games yet, but still, aside from recent server troubles how have they exactly been doing the internet thing wrong? By not making online multi for every dongle game in their catalog?

KratosSaveUs2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

And I think the Wii U is gonna have that "3DS like turnaround" next year. With Mario Kart 8,Smash Bros,Bayonetta 2,Hyrule Warriors,Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze,and X. We've seen it slowly happening with Super Mario 3D World and Wind Waker HD and sells picking up.

Kos-Mos2393d ago

On this mindless site that is.

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