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Ninja Theory co-founders Tameem Antoniades and Nina Kristensen discuss the state of the gaming nation, looking back on flagship PS3 title Heavenly Sword, Sony's troubled launch, and the trials of being an indie in a world of super-publishers and studio acquisitions. The Making Of Kung-Fu Chaos, the chop-sockey party game developed in the studio's Just Add Monsters days, features in E189.

First things first: why no Heavenly Sword 2?

"Well, with Kung-Fu Chaos, we worked exclusively with Microsoft; with Heavenly Sword, we worked exclusively with Sony. And it's really a time for us to go cross-platform, so we ultimately turned it down. As a studio, we feel it's the right thing to do. It makes things more commercially viable - and as an indie we have to be very commercially aware. It was great to work with Sony and get really intimate with the PS3 hardware; going forwards, that positions us to execute things properly on both PS3 and 360."

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Asurastrike3910d ago

Get back to us when you make a REAL game, Ninja Theory.