10 games to play before Titanfall

Call Of Duty 2 established the Xbox 360 as a shooter’s console right from launch, but it was Modern Warfare that began the current legend and media empire that Activision enjoys today.

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christocolus3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Halo 4 should be there too and Its funny how i never tried out mirrors edge and brink. Will pick them up. Need to see what the fuss was all about.

There is so much hype for titanfall i sure hope it doesnt mess up,dont get me wrong im hyped for it too and all respawn has shown so far has been awesome and done nothing more than build even more hype. i do want it to be highly sucessful but with this amount of hype i cant help but worry a little too. There is that little voice that keeps saying "what if it turns out to be a crap title" or not just as good as we've been hoping, especially after all this hype. Just saying.not hating cos i too am really hyped for this game.

pompombrum3259d ago

Some of my best gaming moments over the span of the Xbox 360's life cycle were had on COD 4 and MW2, I can't possibly see how the true sequel from the talent behind those games can possibly turn out bad.

Majin-vegeta3259d ago

There's always a first for everything.Guess we'll just have to wait and find out.

Oh_Yeah3259d ago

Mirrors edge is a damn gem. I just recently played it about a month ago, there's nothing quite like it, another game to check out would be vanquish.

christocolus3259d ago

Yeah...vanquish seems really cool. Got it over a year ago my brother finished the game but i never really started it.i think ill start it up.

sarcastoid3259d ago

I smell a delay coming up for Titanfall.

GamersRulz3259d ago

why delay it?

Release a mech DLC to COD then you have it.

Simco8763259d ago

yeah and I bet they would be the same price too!

Seriously though, Titanfall is not CoD because you are not giving your money to Activision (I know you are giving it to EA, but at least it's respawn!)

Ravenor3259d ago

All that wall running I do in Ghosts, clearly it would just be a drop in update for CoD.

FITgamer3259d ago

I don't see why they'd have to delay it, but i do find it odd that the game is 3 months away and the only footage that has been shown is the PC build.

SG1_dapunisherX3259d ago

The list is wack and old games
my list:
forza 5/ 4/& horizon
alan wake
halo 4 goty/spartan assault
gta 5
kI 2013

AceBlazer133259d ago

Modern warfare,world at war, mw2,blops,mw3,blops 2,ghosts,killzone 3,brink and mirrors edge.Voila, your ready for titanfall.

Callediceman3259d ago

serious question on Titanfall---- does anyone know about the destructability of the envirements?? my thought process on this is it would be kinda silly runnin around in an awesome mech and just hit a building and have nothing happen or shoot a giant rocket at it to have no damage taken..

Pandamobile3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

It's Titanfall, not Battlefield - though that would be awesome.

Callediceman3259d ago

I toally get that.. i love me some good old fashioned COD but by introducing mechs i hope they do somthing with destructability of the envirement. just my 2 cents

Audiggity3259d ago

Not yet... the technology is available (Red Faction)... I barely* count the destruction in Battlefield; they are either detuning it to prevent bugs or the engine is severely limited.

I have faith that games on the horizon will actually take advantage of the physics engines (for both environments and character models) that have been in tech demos for years.

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