Red Steel - Hands On

Ubisoft is kicking off the Nintendo Wii in style with this slicing and shooting adventure.

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PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

this game looks sick, I have the 360, but when I saw the Wii at E3 I was almost certain I wanted one, it's interactive and that's almost always more interesting and fun

PS360PCROCKS6202d ago

Oh yea also I was playing an arcade game at this restaurant, and it was some zombie game where you have the guns and it reminded me of the Wii and I wouldn't be surprised if this system wins this next generation

TOM6202d ago

the first thing I notice with this game is the shockingly low poy count. do we really want an underpowerd system?I know I dont,I'll mostlikly but it buit the number of games will be extra low. HellI only bought three games for that peace of crap GC.

Marriot VP6202d ago

looks cool but not worth 200 bucks, I loved Nintendo when I was a kid. Goldeneye and Mario Kart were my life as far as video games go.

Not gonna buy in this round, sorry but they should of dropped their obsession with mario and donkey kong. Instead of milking them.

joemutt6202d ago

There was an article on this site saying they werent really going for great graphics at this years E3, they wanted to sell the remote, so they went for gameplay.

They said graphics will be looking alot better when they start working on that end of the game. Think better than original xbox, but not quite 360.

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