CVG Preview: Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift

CVG: " MotorStorm was a sweaty, dirty game. Outside of Call of Duty 4 Sony's console-exclusive off-road racer was the number one reason to stay online. It was a hard and unforgiving bastard too.

MotorStorm was also niggly, buggy and flakey. Load times would wind you up long before the occasional random collisions sent your car spinning through the air in tiny pieces, in lovingly realised cutscenes that made Burnout blush. They couldn't be skipped. You got angry.

There's room for improvement, which is good as it means MotorStorm 2 won't just be a replay of the first game on a new set of tracks. Far from it. MotorStorm 2 is the sequel equivalent of a Swedish massage, the developer's hands have spent the last 18 months thumbing out all the niggles and glitches that made MotorStorm a pain to play, then lathering up the results with a glamorous setting, new vehicles and a surprisingly deep destructible environment."

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AlterEgo3869d ago

Warhawk is a much better reason to 'stay' online than Motorstorm IMO.

It amazes me how little praise Warhawk gets and its one of the most fun games I've played this gaming generation.

Anyways, Motorstorm 2 sounds like a true gem. The first one IMO was very good, and with this one...they're improving virtually EVERYTHING the first one got wrong.

And that's how a sequel should be done. (shakes angry fist at Rainbow Six Vegas 2)

Can't wait for Pacific Rift.

kosha3869d ago

Agreed rainbow six 2 was not done properly and felt rushed. The graphics were actually worse than the first one.

AlterEgo3869d ago


and thats the part I don't get.

How is it POSSIBLE to go backwards? O_o

MikeGdaGod3869d ago

yeah this looks like it'll be really good

BubblesDAVERAGE3869d ago

they have split screen online

hokis4ever3869d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game!!!