Far Cry Vengeance Wii Footage

Ever since Ubisoft announced that its Montreal studio was in development with a Wii version of Far Cry and even showcased a few screenshots, the title's visuals have remained the subject of debate. Some have argued that they look better than the Xbox title and others contest that they look worse. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell with any certainty based on gameplay images alone.

Luckily, you have IGN Wii and we're here to help. Ubisoft has given us the exclusive first trailer of Far Cry Vengeance for Wii. So cast aside those dated screens and feast your eyes on direct-feed gameplay snippets. They are, for better or worse, much more telling.

Today's video shows how the Wii-mote-enhanced controls function in Far Cry Vengeance.

As a side note, IGN Wii received word today that Far Cry Vengeance will ship approximately three weeks after Wii launches. Look out for it on December 5 -- still with 20 days to spare before the Christmas holiday.

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eepiccolo4457d ago

This game is looking pretty sweet. I like the way the video is set up, using CGI models of the Wii remote and Nunchuk to show how the game is being controlled. It's much better than superimposing footage of the real controller, and gives a great feel for the game controls.

Asylumchild4457d ago

It is cool how they show the controls Idk if Ill be picking this up though RED steel is a better shooter and u get some sword fighting so yea