God Eater 2 is a Fun Hunting Game, if That's What You're Looking For | Kotaku

"Monster Hunter with plot" is how God Eater was once described to me. Well, after the runaway hit that the Monster Hunter series has turned out to be, it's no surprise that everyone and their grandmother is out to catch lightning in a bottle twice with the same formula. So how does the third God Eater game, God Eater 2, hold up?

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thehobbyist3261d ago

This is not the third God Eater game. Kotaku showing it's incompetence once again.

tubers3261d ago

I guess they count like:


And how SS will be "counted" in the future:


Hicken3261d ago

I don't think kotaku could survive if it was mostly serious, properly researched articles.

thehobbyist3261d ago

Burst is just God Eater with the DLC and the only version in English. That's stupid. Kotaku doesn't call Monster Hunter 3U the fourth installment.