The Simpsons and X-Men arcade games may have been delisted from PSN and XBLA

Did Konami delist Simpsons & X-Men Arcade on PSN?

It shows that a neogaf forum friend published his friend told him that he was getting X-Men Arcade on PSN & couldn’t find it, & we looked for the Simpsons Arcade Game as well & sure enough, they’re no longer on the PSN store in the US.

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jackanderson19852664d ago

both the games are still on the irish xbox store so they haven't been delisted yet anyways

dieforgame2664d ago

The X-Men license is definitely expiring for everyone, as Microsoft just had a "last chance" X-Men sale for all X-Men games.

Goro2664d ago

Why? In all fairness The Simpsons Arcade Game was absolutely awful but why unlist it when you can still make money from it.

MegaRay2664d ago

Shame... my friend... they feel ashamed of it.

ruefrak2664d ago

Exactly! I can understand why Rare took their games out of Nintendo's Virtual Console, but why would a Konami remove The Simpsons??

Deadpoolio2664d ago

Uh because they no longer have the license more than likely, same reason they can't put either TMNT game on anything...

dieforgame2664d ago

Yeah, thats what I thought.

SegaGamer2664d ago

Make them free then so everyone can get them before they go.