GameSpot: Lost Cities Review

Just a few minor drawbacks afflict what's arguably one of the best casual games to hit Xbox Live since its inception. As with most Knizia games, the theme is tacked on, so you can forget about it five minutes in unless you take a shine to the Indiana Jones-ish background graphics. Those visuals are oddly compressed, too. The cards aren't easy to read, even on a large HDTV, and the picture of an archaeological expedition in action displayed on each one is so tiny that you can't really make out any specifics.

There aren't a lot of people playing online right now, either in the standard one-versus-one game or in the two-versus-two mode where you team up with another player. This may be due to the 800-point price tag scaring people off, but regardless of cost, casual games rarely get more addictive or enjoyable than this.

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and Brain Challenge

Are all great fun for casual group gaming.

And, this week, its Wits & Wagers, which is also aimed at that market, we'll see how much fun it is shortly...