2K Launches with PS3

Two more titles have been officially added to the PlayStation 3 North American launch list. NBA 2K7 and NHL 2K7 will be available November 17.

NBA 2K7 offers 1080p support and uses the SixAxis controller for a new free-throw shooting system. NHL 2K7 ties goalie movements to the SixAxis and for checking other players. Both games can be played online.

"With the power of the PlayStation 3 system, 2K Sports continues to make remarkable strides in the development of next-generation console games," said Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts. "The capabilities of the Cell processor have allowed us to deliver the next-generation quality of visuals and fluid animations that gamers expect. The SixAxis wireless controller will introduce an entirely new way for gamers to enjoy our titles and give our development teams new, exciting ideas to bring unique features to our sports titles."

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JIN KAZAMA4460d ago

Hmm, i wonder why 360 version isnt 1080p.

shoota334460d ago

Beacause the weak xbox 360 cant do real 1080p

kmis874460d ago

In all fairness, 1080p support was announced very late in nba 2k7's development.

Joe Schmoe4460d ago

How is this for 1080p. Alot more than 2 people huh? Here it come's people "Mart" will say it looks bad so thats how they were able to do 1080p. And my answer to that is 1080p means cleaner crisper picture not allways prettier. Have you ever seen the woman in HD porn? Oh I just threw up a little in my mouth.

power of Green 4460d ago

What kind of 1080p HDTV set do you have?. I hope you have one if you're that passionate about it. lol

power of Green 4460d ago

You Sony fanboy's will be putting yourselfs through this again once MS delivers. Why go through this every time?. If somethings anounced for the PS3, MS's already working on it. Cant wait for MASS EFFECT.

Joe Schmoe4459d ago

You are a tool you have no opinion of your own. I have read quit a few of your rants about XBOX this and XBOX that. What comes out your mouth and on to these pages is BS. I will only entertain you this once by replying to you. If you would like people to take you serious you should post intelligent and well thought out sound theory's. Oh yea please dont procreate! Look it up its in the dictionary.

Bill Gates4459d ago

Power of green crap II just got owned.