Grand Theft Auto IV, face to face.

The spanish website Meristation makes a comparison between the 360 and PS3 versions of the GTAIV game. The comparison takes into consideration all of the aspects of the game.

It afirms that the PS3 version of the game has superior AA filter, better HDR, less loading, better controls (with great use of the Sixaxis) and solves the framerate drops without any difficulty, contrary to the 360 version which this causes a little more problem.

While the 360 version has Downloadable content and achievements, not available on the PS3 version.

In the end, the article goes to say that, if you have the option, go for the PS3 version.

Translated version on the Credit URL.

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butterfinger3820d ago

buy the game, period. If you have a 360 or a PS3 you are really missing out if you don't pick this title up. This is not a rental either, this is a must buy:P Even if you're not all that into sandbox games, you should pick this one up.

Porky Pig3820d ago

But this comparison was still very good,as it definitely shows why the Ps3 version is considered by even Rockstar themselves,to be the superior version.I have both versions so I've known this since day 1,and I would've done a comparison showing the better lighting and less pop-up on the Ps3 version,but I don't have a way to capture still images/video directly from the consoles

All in all,the Ps3 gets the better version this time.Let's leave it at that

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

sonarus3820d ago

lol @ meriSTATION supporting playSTATION

Diugu3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Meristation has nothing to do with Playstation.

This website/magazine is most certainly unbiased. I have followed them since I've first started to look for news concerning games on the internet and I have come across numerous criticism towards the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and also found many praises to both on this website.

I consider them to be one of the final websites of the media to be unbiased. Most of the videogame "journalists" out there are clearly biased, this is not the case.

This is one game review, if you look further on the site you will be able to encounter several reviews in which they criticize the PS3 games heavily.

They have always been able to show the flaws and the qualities of all consoles through long research and by having a serious approach to gaming journalism.

To conclude I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated to this website, I am Brazilian and Meristation is Spanish, but I admire their work and I am always looking for other sites that provide unbiased information.
I would appreciate if any of you have suggestions.

theKiller3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

maybe they r for sony but they aren't bias i think!

i cant wait till i have my ps3 and GTA4 and MGS4!! 400EU is still a lot for me at this point!


ur welcome bubble for u too!

Kojima touches kids3820d ago

I leave this site for a 2 weeks and come back to the same old lies.

Fact: PS3 GTA has slightly better loading times
Fact: PS3 GTA has less pop-in
Fact: PS3 has no AA

Everything else is a complete lie.


Also the fact that they mentioned AA in the PS3 version, means anyone that agreed with this rubbish now looks like an idiot.

Diugu3820d ago

I already know PSU. I enjoy reading it, but it is a specialized website.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. Bubbles for you!

sonarus3820d ago

Well i don't speak spanish so i don't know but i have to believe they are supporting sony more since they are from EU and also carrying station in their name

theKiller3820d ago

dont believe everything u read!

Amanosenpai3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Meristation is well known as an X box supporter site...

I'm impressed with their conclusion...

@Sonarus... i speak Spanish... and believe me, many Spaniard users hate this mag, specially ps3 users.

Diugu3820d ago

Well, I've seen them praise the PS3 capabilities many times as I've seen them praise the 360. They also speak poorly of them on certain areas.

I only own a PS3 and I've never felt any kind of hate from them. Also, against some of my personal belief I've noticed them praising the xbox on areas I disagree, maybe that is why the hate from PS3 owners.

Given that, I do see them as unbiased. Mainly because they always show their means to reach some conclusions, which gives them more credibility. They always make a profound research before publishing.

Tarasque3819d ago

Well i have to somewhat disagree with the article. I have played both version's side by side. Ps3 does have little less pop up's but the lack of detail compared to 360 version is a quite a bit less, i think due to the fact the ps3 version use's blurr to make it look smooth and it loose's detail cause of it. And the lose of deatil get's worse at farther distance's. There has been quite a few video's that have showed this. And far as framrate goes i think it is about equal maybe slight edge to the 360 version also. Due to the fact that the explosion's on the ps3 render's a very bad framerate. And far as loadtime's goes well the 360 doesn't have to do a install so an extra sec or 2 of loadtime is not noticable. I understand that most people on here will disagree, well mainly the ps3 only owner's. We shouldn't listen to anyone on here that doesn't own all 3 and doesn't make valid point's.

lessthanmarcus3819d ago

And I went for the PS3 version. My 360 is only meant for FPS's

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Sez 3820d ago

wow i guess frame rate and texture pop ins are more annoying than freezing and online problems that are more common on the ps3 version. i mean both games have frame rate issues and texture pop-ins. but the suffers more issue with freezing and online. sounds a little bias to me.oh well no worries i have the game for the 360. can't wait for the DLC by the end of summer.

omni_atlas3820d ago

No freezes for me yet and I'm about 30 % through the game. Those that do, have been able to work around the situation by disabling PSN. A patch will be issued by Rockstar soon. I rather have a freeze in a game then take RROD anyday.

Porky Pig3820d ago

The ironic part?Though the majority of the gaming media are trying to pin the freezing problem on the Ps3 version,I haven't encountered a single freeze or hiccup on the Ps3 (including gameplay,Online,AND cutscenes)yet have had problems getting past the INTRO screen on the 360 version

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

Kojima touches kids3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

The news that the freezing issue is happening on both consoles is a lie. The only people that have so called 'freezing' issues are recently created accounts on pro Sony news sites like this.

Nobody reputable in the gaming industry (developers/journalists/websit es) has experienced 'freezing' issues on their 360's. This was clearly a poor attempt by certain people to cast a shadow over the successful launch of GTA on the 360.

The fact your account has only been active for 13 days makes your lies even more transparent.

LegendKillar3820d ago

i havn't really had any framerate issues on my 360 version, and from most reviews i hear the sixaxis controls suck.

thehitman3820d ago

Used the sixaxis besides for reloading which I think is the only useful part. Everything else its easier to use the analog since u have more control over analog. But its cool using it to reload since in the game its a pain to reload since square is used for shyt like jumping and things.

BLuKhaos3820d ago

Actually hitman the circle button is the reload button.

Mozilla893819d ago

I use the six axis controls for reloading too, it just seems natural and its better than having to press circle the rest are okay. The only other one i might use if for is the boats. Bulkhaos you can turn on six axis reloading from the start menu.

As for the comparisons well I havent seen the 360 version in action but I do know some of them did have problems. One of my friends doesnt turn on until he puts the disc in three times. Then again we think its his 360 so he's going to send it in...again. Sorry I couldnt help it but hey I'll admit GTA wouldnt get past the loading screen for my ps3 (40 gig) if I didnt get offline.

Mr_Bun3820d ago

Am I the only one tired of hearing about which it is better on? I have a PS3 and I don't care which it looks/plays/loads better on...I only care about playing it. The games rocks and I am sure that it is equally cool on the 360. Unless you have both consoles, just buy for whichever one you have and have a blast like everyone else!

Nevers3819d ago

... weeks before it even launched. Can't wait til we get ACTUAL HONEST TO GOODNESS NEWS instead of these insignificant editorials and opinions designed only to get a buncha nerds ready to throw down over something completely inconsequential.

ScottEFresh3820d ago

I have a feeling getpwned secretly bought a PS3 and the limited edition of this game just for the pic of the chick on the front.

599 US Dollars3820d ago

dumbass. i would never buy a port version of a game. and i see enough of this broad every time i turn the game on. and it's not like she has a banana in her mouth, for f*ck's sake.

and what moron fanboy wrote this drivel? I'm not going to read this. what BS. first of all, he claims PS3 has better "AA"? lol, REALLY? ps3 HAS no AA at ALL! it runs in SD and upscales to hide the jaggiez. duhhh. 360 has AA. guess he got confused. "Better HDR"??? ummm, neither game has HDR LOL. dumbass. this is almost as hilarious as the paid-off morons claiming it looks "sharper" on PS3 LOL. and SD game looking "sharper" than an HD game? lol no. go look at the comparisons. Any one. go.

stupid, moronic fanboys.

Sir Ken Kutaragi3820d ago

No shes not sucking a Banana + Shes over 16!!! ;-D

'It afirms that the PS3 version of the game has superior AA filter, better HDR, less loading, better controls (with great use of the Sixaxis) and solves the framerate drops without any difficulty, contrary to the 360 version which this causes a little more problem'


+Remember everyone...
...get the SUPERIOR PS3 Version!!!;)

If you can't (i'e you own a xBox 360) PLEASE check your
'Home Insurance Cover'! for 'Fire Damage' or possible DEATH!!! ;-D