CVG: Massive Mafia 2 preview

Preview: Steve Hogarty opens a violin case to find the sequel to the PC's finest free-roaming shooter

Faced with one of the developers of the original Mafia, there's only one question any fan really wants to ask. So I asked it. Why was that bloody racing mission so stupidly difficult?

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IIamback3870d ago

that level was not that hard. It was challenging but not "impossible" to finish.

kosha3870d ago

Hopefully the cars are gonna be alot better on this version

BeaArthur3870d ago

kosha...if there was anything I hated about the original it was definitely driving around. The cars handled so poorly and accelerated so slowly. They may have been historically accurate (I don't know, I wasn't there) but they were a hassle.

kosha3870d ago

The cars were just plain awful and they would been the first thing i would changed if i was doing the sequel.

kosha3870d ago

I aggree this is probally gonna be gta4's first real opposition in the sandbox genre.

Jonelo3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

There are some things to worry over. The reticule system has an assisted-aiming feature designed for controllers, leading your shots towards enemies in a way that's unnatural - 2K would do well to let PC gamers turn it off. That isn't to say Mafia II will be a console-led title, as everything else at the presentation suggested heavily that the PC version will, yet again, be the definitive one."

Nice . heal regeneration - source GameStar -. and autoaim in the PC version ...

jinn3869d ago

not necessary with GTA4 out