US hardware sales in May: PS2 on the rise, 360 takes a dip

The hardware sales for US consoles has been released, here's how it broke down, in terms of total unit sales and difference (in percentage) from April:
1. PlayStation 2: 232,000 ( 12.1%)
2. Sony PSP: 159,659 ( 17.1%)
3. Nintendo DS: 145,930 ( 5.4%)
4. Xbox 360: 221,000 ( 25%)
5. GameCube: 33,000 ( 13.2%)
6. Xbox One: 26,000 ( 33.3%)

The sales data for the PSP and DS have yet to be released. With the summer drought upon us, expect hardware sales to either decline or remain stagnant as we move closer to the holiday season. We were a bit surprised by the PlayStation 2's increase in sales, which we can only attribute to the release of the mega-selling Kingdom Hearts II or the announced PlayStation 3 price deterring future customers.

TheMART6522d ago

It's not so strange to see PS2 sales when you know the old gen consoles cost between 80 and 120 Euro's overhere in The Netherlands also.

There are always laggards that want to sit on front row at the show for a few cents

HaHa6522d ago

even in the netherlands the ps2 is selling more ;), don't belive me go to

OutLaw6522d ago

You really don't believe the PS2 is better. Maybe you could have that argument about the PS3 but not the 2. It's just right now the ps2 is offering more games. Lets wait till the 360 games comes out this summer and I guarantee all this will change.

Islandkiwi6522d ago

I guess it takes a while to compile. I think the 360 was still having shortages in April.

Regardless, there's 360's available in stores now. MS really needs to start bringing out the AAA games to build their base quickly.

Droidbro6522d ago

the ps2 only sold more than x360 because it costs $270 less and peoples' old ps2s are breaking down constantly.

DG6522d ago

With 400 000 units total a month I dont see how sony could fail this gen. Even if the PS3 is to be a paperweight.

PS360PCROCKS6522d ago

ps2 sucks, their numbers are inflated totally because all the broken consoles

DG6522d ago

A sale is a sale regardless if its broken especially when sony charges $100.00 to repair it.

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17 years ago, Square Enix delivered the most astonishing RPG prologue ever — and it paid off wildly

Kingdom Hearts 2 is a massive sequel that improves upon nearly everything from its predecessor, but the risky prologue is what left the biggest lasting mark.

shinoff2183477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I like this series but I wish they would tone down all the different releases. Atleast release them consistently on the same gaming machine so it can be followed. I read last week they got a kh for my damn washing machine it's super annoying. Kidding about the washing machine.

FallenAngel1984477d ago

All the games are available to play on modern platforms

Flawlessmic477d ago

Yea there all available on the playstation sub service now.

Hofstaderman477d ago

I remember buying a DS and a 3DS to play some games lol.

shinoff2183476d ago

Now but not originally and a few of them are just 3 hours worth of cutscenes so almost but not quite.

Inverno476d ago

Yea, now. But years ago you had to get a PS2, Gameboy, PSP, a phone that could play Coded, DS, 3DS. After they finally came around with the remasters they put the last collection instead on the PS4 before re-releasing all collections on the PS4. Then they decided to put very important story parts on a mobile game, and are now AGAIN putting more important story stuff on another mobile game. Not to mention the rhythm game also has story stuff. This game is a mess, and needlessly hard to follow. Who knows if they'll skip the PS4 for KH4 and instead make it a PS5 only game seeing as they made the FF7 dlc ps5 only.

I love this series but you really had to commit to it if you wanted to play it all lol

FallenAngel1984476d ago

@ shin

You say you wished all the games were on the same system and now they mostly are

@ Inv

We’re living in the now right now, hence my comment

KH4 obviously isn’t going to be on PS4.

Not saying the series is perfect, but there is a way to enjoy majority of the franchise on a variety of modern platforms

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 476d ago
-Foxtrot476d ago

Oh totally

Like if you want to make a complicated story, cool I guess, but if you separate them onto so many platforms then how the hell am I supposed to keep up

Things were confusing before KH2 when they released Chain of Memories and that was one game, I basically just went through it on Youtube as a kid as I didn't have money and I then enjoyed KH2 a lot more as I knew what was going on.

I think that's what really hurt KH3 for me, they even added plot points from the online game they have going on in Japan, even the side plot with Maleficent and Pete with the box is from that, something which is setting up the next game. I'm sorry but I can't be excited when all this stuff is from a game I don't have any interest to play, they just assume like you've played it.

Oh remember that kid who appeared in the Keyblade graveyard fight, who helped you? Yeah he was from that game aswell, I had no idea but it seemed like a big reveal.

They really need to reboot it next but they won't.

gold_drake476d ago

i definitely agree with that.
i was so pissed that DDD was for the 3ds.

FinalFantasyFanatic477d ago

KH2 was peak KH, it's all downhill from there, if the succeeding games had been as interesting and fun as KH2 I'd still be into the series.

AzubuFrost476d ago

I don't know man. The combat's great and I've had loads of fun with KH2 gameplay, but when it comes to traveling, it is mostly just straightforward. Hell I'll have the audacity to say every world is a long pretty corridor. All I have to do is learn that fly ability and hold down the square button that way I go from the entrance straight to the exit. And they say FF13 is linear? LOL.

FinalFantasyFanatic475d ago

Still, the worlds in KH2 was more fun then I've had with any of the KH3 worlds despite the linearity (I don't remember KH3 or anything after KH2 being noticeably more open). I'm pretty happy with how traveling worked/was designed in KH2.

CrimsonWing69476d ago

I wish I could get into this series. It just makes me cringe so hard with all the whole ”anything can be done with the power of friendship!” Plus the stages themselves I always felt were lackluster.

I think the more serious parts of the story are cool, but man… I tried so hard and I just couldn’t.

shinoff2183476d ago

It took me a little bit but I do like it. I get what you mean though.