PSX Extreme: Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity Preview

PSX Extreme writes: ""Code Lyoko" is one of those TV series that has a loyal cult following but if you're outside of that circle of fans, you might be easily confused. It actually combines standard animation with fairly advanced CGI, and the premise features Kadic Junior High and the students' ongoing battle with Xana, an evil supercomputer. No, we didn't make this up. In some ways, it reminds us of the concept we found in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, where high school students entered a parallel dimension through a tower at night, but we're relatively certain that Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity is a completely different type of game. Coming in June, Neko Entertainment has prepared this port for the PSP and PS2 (it was a Wii title in 2007), and players will switch back and forth between a 2D world - where you check your equipment and items and prepare for battle - and the 3D world, which is, of course, inside Lyoko. Xana created this false world, ala "The Matrix," in order to take over and rule the real world. Really, it's not too complex."

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