Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition PS3 Bluetooth Headset - GAME Exclusive!

The Metal Gear Solid Bluetooth Headset is coming to the UK and will be sold exclusively by GAME and is priced at £39.99.

"Straight from Snake's item inventory to your living room – arm yourself with the latest in tactical espionage action technology with this Metal Gear Solid 4 licensed Bluetooth 2.0 headset from PDP. Compatible with PLAYSTATION 3® and Bluetooth compatible handsets. Ergonomic ear attachment for long wearing comfort. Built in rechargeable battery gives 8 hours talk time & 160 hours standby with 30 feet operation range. Auto power off and auto connect to last paired device. Comes with protective carrying case."

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Bleucrunch3818d ago

Im gonna get two, one for my blackberry and one for my ps3.

sonarus3818d ago

Its ridiculously tempting but i don't know. 60 bucks is steep but i paid 80 for the one i use now. But no need to have two. :|

Jinxstar3818d ago

Looks cool but imho uncomfortable... I think ima get the messiah one instead.... we shall see.

PirateThom3818d ago

I have mine pre-ordered already. A nice little extra.

DomUltra3818d ago

As big of a MGS fan I am, the Socom headset looks more promising, even it's just a mute button, but that is something it's lacking..

Lanontscuz3818d ago

i want it but im in the US....any chance it will come here? how much is that in $?

Ri0tSquad3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Bubbles for you. I'll definitely pick this up.

Amanosenpai3818d ago

I guess ill wait for the Socom headseat or just stay with the warhawk one...

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The story is too old to be commented.