"I Cant Beat The Mission"

[email protected] Chief Editor, Jeffrey Tavares writes, "Racing my way through Grand Theft Auto IV to review it for you guys, I come to a road block in the ending of the race. I'm here shooting at my target in the head but he just wont die!. I Cant Beat The Mission, I jumped off the roof and killed myself and then beat the mission. This just shows a small error in the game. Enjoy, and notice Niko says "Having A Nice Day?" well I was until I came up to this part in the game."

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The Dude3872d ago

Why is the ps3 version of gta4 so buggy?

DomUltra3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Lol both versions have the same bugs.

This is hilarious.

You xbox guys are really just grasping at straws now a day's. I'm gone a week or so to play to my hearts content and you guys are still at it.

gEnKiE3872d ago

How is this news? Its just some idiot that can't beat a mission in GTA.....

power of Green 3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Why is the 360 channel added?.

We have media, companies and devs coming out speaking about this issue on PS3 and some how a few Sony fanboys have envolved the 360 as if this is a 360 issues too!; based from just a few reports of issues that could be natural issues(everyday problems that are generally ignored) that got more hype due to the grandness of GTA 4.

Has any media shown their 360 problems?, NOPE!. I'v made this game freeze by mashing buttons durring a cutscene once.

pp3872d ago

thats because ps3 version is riddled with bugs but the good news is it hasn't happened on the xbox360 version.too anyone who wants the best version of gta4 is to get the xbox360 one

Ali_The_Brit3872d ago

pp shut the feck up its a bug that could happen to either system, theres yet to be a report of an official bug in either game. your just mad because the ps3 runs it better

PopEmUp3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

btw how on earth did he get (6) bubbles

Xiru3872d ago

No bugs in my PS3 version and I get superior graphics. Stop making stuff up. Just because this guy couldn't beat the mission doesn't mean the rest of us can't. I still stand by the PS3 version being superior. Also, the home content should be awesome when its released.

The Dude3872d ago

I wouldn't call the ps3 gta4 running at 630p superior.

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The story is too old to be commented.