Ghostbusters First Look by GameSpot

The upcoming Ghostbusters game from Sierra and developer Terminal Reality is a sequel of sorts to the beloved movie franchise that starred Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson as ghost hunters. The game is set in 1991 -- a few years after Ghostbusters II -- and is being written by Akroyd and Ramis, which should guarantee a respectable dose of fan service. Reps from Terminal Reality were on hand at Sierra's recent press event to show GameSpot various tech demos and a short gameplay sequence, which were all designed to give an idea of what to expect from the game.

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killercam195689d ago

for ppl that were talking about how less powerful the 360 was and thats y they chose the ps3 platform as lead thats a fair staement if thats how they see it, but couldnt they back it up with something that doesnt look terrible cus that just ugly. Im sure they arent using neither systems potential to make that crap.

wow4u5689d ago (Edited 5689d ago )

On that topic:

A) Sony owns the Ghostbusters IP.
B) It was the CEO (ie: the person who has a business relationship with Sony's Ghostbusters IP people) and **NOT** the developers who said "oh yeah, blah blah blah".

Taken A & B, I smell a reach-around given to the Sony people with that whole "oh yeah, PS3 blah blah blah" shiat. Perhaps the CEO was just repeating some lines fed to him from Sony directly.

CViper5689d ago

Yet no one sees through the subterfuge when someone says negative things about the PS3 not being able to make games.

wow4u5689d ago


Not everything said about both systems has been self-interested falsehoods. The source of information matters. Carmack has said some pretty damning things about the PS3 (as has Newell, and even the Kojima comments werent exactly "nice").

But when a CEO -- who is doing a deal to BUY Sony's Ghostbuster IP says such things, well, my Bullshiat-o-meter goes off.

All that said, I dont think anyone would say the PS3 cant make games. Clearly it can. The question has always been "at what expense" (w/r/t developer time ($$$)) does it take.

A lot of effort has to go into "expensive" programming to make use of the The Cell's DSP cores, the PS3 isnt exactly made with Developers in mind. That is the core of the issue.

Ric Flair5689d ago

Can't wait for this game


Gonna put my figure four leg lock on that stay puff marshmellow man


I,m the dirtiest player in the game


avacadosnorkel5689d ago

will be a cool game just because it's the Ghostbusters

LastDance5689d ago

im down with a ghostbusters game thats for sure!

beans5689d ago

So are the visuals going to improve much because this is not what I was expecting for so a huge name title!

The Dude5689d ago (Edited 5689d ago )

No, because the ps3 is the lead platform so they have to tone it down a bit graphic wise like rockstar did for gta4. I wonder if they can get the ps3 res above 480p.

DomUltra5689d ago

The Dudes backward logic is hilarious, keep pumpin' out the retardation brother!

IanTH5689d ago

Considering that Bungie, a developer working exclusively on the 360 platform, had to use the exact same resolution for Halo 3 I wouldn't be throwing that around too much.

The Dude5689d ago


Not exactly Halo 3 for the 360 is running at 640p and If they made a version for the ps3 it would run at 480p. GTA4 for the ps3 runs at 630p and the 360 version runs at 720p. Also the ps3 version of GTA4 is plagued by a freezing issue.

IanTH5689d ago

You are correct. Halo 3 runs at 640p...so does GTA IV on PS3. Here's a link or two (2nd of which would prove why you thought 630p):

I would, however, really like to know how you are so sure that the PS3 would run at 480p. A rather bold claim. And also, as far as I know, both versions have freezing problems (with a link to a source within that page if you care): http://www.joystiq.com/2008...

But honestly, this is stupid. Both games have their pluses and minuses. Play the game for the system you have and enjoy it. I don't know why it always boils down to PS3 vs. 360. I really hate what the gaming "community" has become. We're not really a community these days, more like a small nation of waring tribes where ignorance and intolerance are our weapons of choice.

Oh well, what can you do. Game on.

DomUltra5689d ago

The Dude, I could easily spin it around to say the best looking game thus far this gen 'Uncharted' (i.e. gametrailers, ripten, etc) couldn't even run on the Xbox 360! See how easy that was? Retard.

The Dude5689d ago (Edited 5689d ago )


Hey retard. I own uncharted its like streets of rage meets tomb raider all the enemies look the same just different backgrounds and the game play is just average. Try again.

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