PC Zone previews StarCraft II

What were you doing in 1998? Chances are if you owned a PC you were playing StarCraft, a breakneck RTS from the creators of World of Warcraft.

On its release, StarCraft blew through the RTS genre like a cyclone, generating a fanatical fan base that still thrives to this very day, especially in South Korea.

The game's allure stemmed from the diversity of its three factions, each of which required a radically different approach to annihilate the enemy. Now, a decade on, these three warring races - the technologically advanced, cybernetically enhanced Protoss; the determined, conventional Terrans (humans); and the insectoid warrior Zerg - are set to clash once again in a battle for supremacy.

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mariusmal3821d ago

i always know blizzard for polishing their games almost to a non-sense point. but this is on pre alpha ? looking and playing like this ? damn blizzard.

JsonHenry3821d ago

Between this game and Red Alert 3 (which is looking and sounding amazing as well) I might miss the first year of my sons life...

Or maybe just staying up later than I should so I can play.

mr_potato3821d ago

I really dont get this site sometimes how can this news receive such a low rating and pathetic games that fuel console wars hit the 1000 degree.

Anyway i think this is the game that will give the pc gaming a much needed boost i cant wiat for u SC2.

Squeezle3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I totally agree. StarCraft is, in my opinion, the best video game of all time. If not of all time, then definitely the best RTS. It's really a shame that people flock to games that don't require you to think about your actions. It's just, "shoot things!" and "kill things!" Don't get me wrong, I like FPS as much as the next guy, but to me games that make you think, like StarCraft, are on a completely different level. Lets hope Blizzard does the next one right. Right now, I don't have any reason to believe otherwise.

Hububla3821d ago

i totally agree with you guys.... This game i hope... will be epic! i still play the original... or at least i would if i didnt lose my latest CD-Key... IMO the game shouldnt need one anymore.. at least to play on! but what can you do... Not just this game though.. although this is the one i am most looking forward too! i love blizzard, hated World of Warcraft with a passion! But Diablo 3 is definetaly on my Radar! But there is so many other good PC strategy games coming out this year Along with this we have, Empire total war, Spore, hopefully another Company of Heroes.. and the new warhammer 20000k , oh and C&C red alert 3!! (As long as EA doesnt mess the game up like they did C&C 3...