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"To celebrate the release of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey on Xbox Originals, we thought we would turn the back the clock to the year 2000, and review the first game of the series PC original version, The Longest Journey. As this game is truly a masterpiece created by Funcom. The full review of Dreamfall: Longest Journey will follow in Part 2.

You play this game for its marvelous story, and if you enjoy a point and click adventure, even better. If you are a RPG fan or a fan of long detailed stories jump into it, it's very memorable and very cheap. This game is a much more serious, mature and in-depth game than the similar Monkey Island..."

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Montrealien3822d ago

Amazing Journey, amazing game.

gaminoz3822d ago

We need more adventure games where plot and environment are focal to the experience.