20 Awesome iOS Games for $20

From the article at Grab It Magazine: "It seems like every developer and his 8-bit dog has snuck in before the App Store freeze with a tasty sale to lure a dollar or two away from Christmas players. Many of us, I’m sure, will be desperate to sneak away from Grandma for a quick bite of mobile gameplay at some point in the next week. So why not? Amongst all the so-so titles, there are some genuine gems that you’d be remiss not to snap up while the shopping is good. We just spent $20 on the sales, and these are the titles we picked up and why we think you should snap them up too!"

The article features mini-reviews and videos of each game.

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SlappingOysters1764d ago

I wonder how much money you'd have to spend on console games to get this much quality game time? At least $500 I reckon.