Things Are Going Slower Than Expected, but First Xbox Shows Probably Early 2014

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Xbox Entertainment Studios is moving forward with its planned TV series that will air on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Live. Although, according to Nancy Tellem, former AMC executive, plans to get MS series off the ground has been going “slower” than expected.

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beerzombie1860d ago This is not a source that should used. Most places in higher learning would never accept this crap hole of a web site.

brish1860d ago

Most places in higher learning would never accept this crap hole of a web site. [1]

[1] citation needed

iamnsuperman1860d ago (Edited 1860d ago )

Because people who have been through "higher learning" know it is best to quote the original source (if available). Since wikipedia is built on references it isn't hard to find the original article/source of the information which others have cited (what ch is key for that type of work). Wikipedia is a great website to start "higher learning" work

Then again we are not writting an academic piece here (where it is important to choice articles/books other academics have cited) so wikipedia is a fine source to cite other peoples work/reports/anything

beerzombie1860d ago

You are right.I still do like the site,but it can be a great start to find information.

Gabenbrah1860d ago

Am I the only gamer that still watches TV shows? I'm very much looking forward to Microsoft's TV programming, especially the Halo TV show. Anyone thinking MS hasn't put any focus on gaming, please stop, the trolling is getting pathetic. Nearly $1 billion invested into gaming and the upcoming exclusives show that. Both consoles have plenty of games, there, world peace acquired.

ragincrinz1860d ago

cant wait for the halo tv show too!!

Gabenbrah1860d ago

It's going to be awesome, Halo Legends and Forward Unto Dawn were amazing! Cannot wait to see the TV show. I also can't wait for the Quantum Break TV show, the Alan Wake TV Show was so awesome.

ragincrinz1860d ago

didn't know there was a quantum break being made and I didn't know there was an alan wake one loved that game finished it on hardest :)

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BobBelcher1860d ago

It's amazing how people are able to create a self ignorance based off of a biased point of view. MS is creating television shows for their console and people just make themselves forget the exclusive games that MS has in store for the future, as well as the higher rate of hiring in gaming development. It's obvious that MS had a strained focus when premiering their product, but through critical error they've learned to multitask their efforts into gaming AND other media.

green1860d ago

A lot of people on the site only see what they want to see. There is little to no point arguing with them so i have learned that it is best to leave them with their beliefs and get on doing what i believe is best for me as a consumer.

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The story is too old to be commented.