New Battlefield 4 Update…Again

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Are you among the millions of gamers having difficulties with Battlefield 4? Well after several patches DICE and EA have released yet another update hoping to stabilize the popular shooter’s online modes, which has been fraught with glitches, crashes, graphical hiccups, general cheating and the newest gaming phenomenon, kill trading, which I’ve even seen some players trying to do on Battlefield 3 lately.

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fezzleberry1820d ago ShowReplies(1)
GamersHeaven1820d ago

Thank god I skipped out on this game what a mess.

Guwapo771819d ago

It is a really fun game when it works though. Like you said it's a mess.

SolidStoner1819d ago

Still that engine has biggest potential out there for shooters... It has those BF moments.. you cant describe them, its like magic, you have to be there to feel that action thriller called Battlefield.. (when it works!) ;)

da_2pacalypse1819d ago

yeah, the game has so much potential... But it's pathetic that just about all versions of the game are so broken. I mean I've heard enough of the next gen versions being broken... But my PC version is also broken... I get a red screen of death after each game, so I have to quit at the end of each game and rejoin the same server again.... At this point I've given up... the game sometimes even just freezes when the skytower drops on Shanghai...

It's upsetting because I still have faith in Dice... I just don't think EA gives them the chance to be as good as they can be...

n4rc1820d ago

Its not that bad on x1..

Game has only crashed during campaign and the server browser acts wonky.. But all in all its not that bad.. At least in my experience with it.. Bf3 was no better

sgtGanGreen1820d ago

Agree, bf3 was not better, people are assholes

HeavenlySnipes1819d ago

BF3 was far better than what people are describing

I got BF3 at launch and the biggest issue were the lack of official EA servers and some unbalanced weapons, not not being able to play the game without it crashing 50% of the time

KAEM71819d ago

Like I stated above, My BF4 on PS4 is running fine (only got it a few days ago), better than BF3 ever ran on PS3.

n4rc1819d ago

Ya sure.. Like falling through the map every round wasn't just as

Or hiding inside walls etc.. Different problems but same result

ScytheX31820d ago

has dice or will dice ever fix the ps3 (and ps4 from what ive heard) problem where the campaign progression keeps getting lost from save file curruption?

Guwapo771819d ago

It looks like SP mode is playing second fiddle to MP modes. I'm hoping for the SP to get fixed as well. *crosses fingers*

cyclindk1820d ago

Well they haven't lost me as a customer yet, but I sure will not invest in Premium if these bugs and MORE don't get hammered out...

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The story is too old to be commented.