Contra: Evolution Now Available Free for iOS & Android Devices

Contra: Evolution’s new version adds several features with both old and new players in mind. The game now includes a ‘Boss Rush’ game mode, which lets players take on the game’s eight insidious bosses back-to-back. Additionally, the update features a ‘Super Weapon’ system that lets players unlock a massive arsenal of weapons and power-ups to supercharge their game. For players who want to run-and-gun against their friends, Contra: Evolution now offers a new leaderboard system and Facebook connectivity for players to share their high scores and compete together. The update also supports more languages to better serve the game’s diverse player community, which spans more than 100 countries.


We apologize for the confusion. The article title should read: 'Contra: Evolution To Be Available Free for iOS & Android Devices'.

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Lubu1767d ago

Still .99 in the Google Play Store.

rdgneoz31767d ago

Read the article, "will be free to download from December 17th to 19th."

Juste_Belmont1766d ago

Can you still use the Konami code?

Venox20081766d ago

why cant they put this game on eShop and PSN Vita? I hope they will one day.. I would love Hard Corps: uprising as well