Maximum PSN Trophy level obtained & Caught on video

Video footage of the current PSN trophy level cap(100) being obtained by Hakoom.

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Thehyph2480d ago


Haters gonna hate. See: below

abzdine2480d ago

COD is really garbage it looked and played like a PS2 game!!!
Good job Hakoom :)

BoriboyShoGUN2480d ago

Damn COD looks like garbage!!!! So glad I didn't waste money on that shit!
Some of the biggest COD fans on my list won't even play it geeesh!

Aceman182480d ago

good for him he obviously loves gaming and the haters should just get a grip lol.

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Whitefire2480d ago

You guys are better than this. You are acting like he did some horrible crime. Have some decency, its embarrassing.

crxss2480d ago

it's sad because of all the pathetic excuse for a game games he had to play to get that score... like SOOO many

DOMination-2480d ago

Maybe its a bit sad but its his thing. Its better to be addicted to trophies than heroin.

JohnnyTower2480d ago

And he never saw the light of day again....

tigertron2480d ago

I wonder what will happen when he hits 100% of level 100?

2480d ago
Hakoom2480d ago

that will never happen unless sony raises the cap
for lvl 101 i need 2 bilion psn points.. lol
iam stuck at 1% for now

Thehyph2480d ago

I propose the same question I asked you a few days ago:
Which was your first PS4 platinum?
This time, I don't want Sound Shapes as the answer :P

Applejack2480d ago

Congrats on that level 100! Now off to getting 1,000,000 achievement points! /s

Omegasyde2480d ago

Good Job Hakoom.

You need to tweet @yosp (Yoshia) for some free publicity!

Ignore the haters who probably hit level 399465452 prestige in Call of Duty.

sprinterboy2480d ago

Congrats buddy, some serious playtime there fella, what was your 1st trophy.

Hakoom2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

1st plat on ps4 was soundshapes lol
well my 2nd one was BF4 and my 3rd was soundshapes EU version my 4th was resogun
here is the ps4 list


and thanks everyone !

my last buble
pm me if you need answers ;p

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Goro2480d ago

It doesn't go above 1%, assuming it's the same as the level 50 cap.

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The story is too old to be commented.