PlayStation Honcho on What Differentiates PS4 and Xbox One: Price, Performance, Focus on Games, More

Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House is very confident about the elements that differentiate, according to him, the PS4 from its rival, the Xbox One.

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Majin-vegeta1792d ago

That's what i been saying this whole time.

PS4=Games is their priority and media comes afterwards

X1=Media first games after thought.

xHeavYx1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

That's what everyone has been saying, except some blind people.
Sony has been producing GOTY contenders year after year, while MS is deviating from gaming to try to be an all in one machine. The funny thing is that the PS4 can do most of the gimmick features the One can, even voice commands without a camera.

"Just because in the second half of the last generation they didn't focus on new IP, doesn't mean the same will happen this time around"
Wow, talk about blind, you have the proof right there and you still defend MS.
Mass Effect is a great game, but I'd rather play Uncharted, God of War, TLOU, Infamous and many of the exclusive PS games

I don't own an Xbox (I don't like wasting money) but my neighbor does, and he tried to convince me to get one showing me all the things the One can do. I showed him my thumb and said "this little one can do all those things", I already own something that can do anything the One does, he also had to repeat some commands many times.

ThePope1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Apparently you don't own a One or you wouldn't call it gimmicky. Second of all if the One doesn't have great games NO ONE will make it the center of their living room. And if anyone knows that its Microsoft. Just because in the second half of the last generation they didn't focus on new IP, doesn't mean the same will happen this time around.

Secondly, the Xbox had amazing game experiences, and the BEST on line experience. If EA wouldn't have bought Bioware, PS3 would never have had Mass Effect.


You clearly are just blindly biased towards the PS4, so a conversation with you is pointless.

cleft51792d ago

The reason he listed here is pretty much why I brought a PS4 over the Xbox One. Beyond even this it is the policies of Sony that really resonate with me right now and why I support their company over Microsoft. Once upon a time the opposite was true, but I have no loyalty to a piece of hardware. I am loyal to myself as a consumer and right now Sony is the company that is best for the consumer.

Charybdis1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I agree that the X1 has a bigger focus on media features compared to ps4.

This is surprising considering Sony pictures and their entertainment devices. Expect Both sony and Micro to start pushing more media on their consoles with their own movies and music solutions. As devices (tv's, phones and tablets) have become more capable they are all expected to have media functionality.

With the x1 I have the impression Microsoft is betting big on gaming and entertainment. Such as exclusive tv content for their AAA games.

However with most media services behind xbox live pay-wall the platform does appear to have a bigger focus on gaming compared to media.

At the moment Microsft has shown that they have new ip's (including exclusives) on and coming to their platform of almost all genres(Except any notable rpg's).

himdeel1792d ago

The real difference:

PS4 is the next Playstation console after the PS4

Xbox One is not technically the first Xbox

When you touch them inappropriately gamers get varying levels of satisfaction.

UltimateMaster1791d ago

"The Real Difference:

PS4 is the next Playstation console after the PS4

Xbox One is not technically the first Xbox"

Love that answer. It's just confusing for most people. Try to explain now that the 2DS is a 3DS without 3DS, does it make it a DS?
People that don't know better says this kind of things.

CYCLEGAMER1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I just don't understand how people say that the ps4 is for gamers and the xb1 isn't, especially since the Xb1 has more new next gen games, and even more next year. Just because the the 360 slacked off on exclusives toward the end of last generation doesnt mean that they will do it again. Did any of you make the same dumb decisions you made 5 years ago? "For the gamer" is simply a marketing term, kind of like a rapper saying that he is the best emcee on the planet, its not that he is the best, he just wants you to buy into that and spread it as if it is gossipal, and N4G is Sonys Church.

Lastly after owning both, the xb1 feels more like something new/next gen right now. The ps4 will catch up but the xb1 is offering more at the moment.

I like indies too but tablet/cell phone games and games that are ALREADY AVAILABLE are not what I consider to be new next gen games. If your going to debate me, use games like infamous, deep down, or uncharted. Dookie Dookie universe is not the type of game that I would purchase a next gen console for.

My gamer tag on psn is melman3000 look up my trophies

Unreal011792d ago

I can guarantee you don't own both.

Darrius Cole1792d ago

Not only does he not own both, he definitely wasn't coming to N4G during the first three years of the PS3's life.

It was Xbox 360 central, and open season on PS3 gamers. There were just as many fights as their are now if not more, but the count was flipped. Somewhere between Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 the PS3/360 numbers flipped as it slowly became undeniable to all but the most hardcore fans.


Only some of those PS4 games count. That way there are more games ont he XB1.

XboxFun1792d ago


"For the gamer" is simply a marketing term,"

"I just don't understand how people say that the ps4 is for gamers and the xb1 isn't,"

Thank you, I have been saying this for a while now. Sony told them this so their fans believe it...even though Sony is doing the exact same thing MS is with their Xbox One. They are both readying original TV content, they are both implementing social features(Sony even more), they are both vying control for the living room. It's painfully obvious Sony is doing the same. But because a honcho says "games first" the fans eat it up.

I like how each list made by Sony fanboys it is now okay to include multiplatform, old PC, indie titles on it. Before this was frowned upon by Sony fanboys when 360 fans included a game that was also on PC. But now is it okay to include the 100's and 100's of indie titles for the 360 on the exclusive list too? Because if that's the case then I would guarantee 360 has more games than PS3.

Yes, a long time ago this site was 360 heaven central. But those guys grew up and moved on. I think it's time some do the same.

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pyramidshead1792d ago

And it worked considerably well. Breaking records and such. Great job Sony. Keep your message lazer focused and it'll repay you with more of the same.

BanginBiscuitz1792d ago

I love how people say PS4 is the gamers machine but the PS4 is lacking severely in the games department. I have so many friends already back to their PS3s and barely turning on the PS4 because they are so bored of what it has. They are releasing infamous in and honestly there is pretty much nothing else to look forward to until 2015 (AAA games). PS4 is honestly in pretty bad shape for games, it is pretty safe to say that Microsoft put a lot of that money into bringing games to X1, since the lineup for X1 is phenomenal.

pyramidshead1792d ago

lacking severely in games department *In your opinion*

I have so many friends already back to their PS3s
*lol @ anecdotal story to try and spread some sort of FUD, not to mention PS3 is still pumping out games so why is that a bad thing?*

"Nothing forward to looking forward until 2015(AAA)" *in your opinion once again as PS4 has many AAA games coming, not everyone else's problem if your game taste is narrow, not to mention superior versions of all multiplats*

"PS4 is in pretty bad shape for games" *In your opinion, and factually not true LOL it will have more games released on it than XB1.*

"Microsoft put a lot money into bringing games to X1" *True, however I feel bad for 360 owners, no wonder you guys are thirsty for new games and new IPs after MS treated you last gen :/, even if they look like 360 games as well*

"Since the lineup for X1 is phenomenal" *In your opinion lol. Only game I thought looked good was Ryse and now I've watched all of it on youtube I feel like I don't even need to play it*

2/10 on your 'Concerned troll' comment. Lots of what you said works boths ways too, so nice try buddy :P.

Majin-vegeta1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )


Credit goes to X heavy for providing the pix.

GarrusVakarian1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I love how people are continuously forgetful of the PS3 and how the PS3's launch was very similar to the PS4's launch, now look which last gen console has better rated and more exclusives.

" They are releasing infamous in and honestly there is pretty much nothing else to look forward to until 2015 (AAA games)"

Lmao, you said this exact same thing in another comment despite me proving you wrong and listing some of the PS4's 2014 lineup. Trolls will troll i guess.

" it is pretty safe to say that Microsoft put a lot of that money into bringing games to X1"

That's the difference between MS and Sony....MS just throw money at companies in order to get exclusives, Sony works with their devs and actually gets involved in their titles.

"I have so many friends already back to their PS3s and barely turning on the PS4 because they are so bored of what it has."

No you haven't.

"PS4 is honestly in pretty bad shape for games"

How do you work that out? Every multiplat is better on PS4 and seeing as multiplats account for the majority of games available for either system, then the PS4 is doing just fine. Add to that Killzone SF being the best selling launch exclusive..........add to that indie support.....see where im going here?

Man, people are so quick to judge and even quicker to forget. This is Sony we are talking about here, any gamer older then 14 knows that delivering quality exclusives is Sony ballpark......PS2 anyone? PS3 anyone? Trolls like you do nothing to taint the decades old image that Sony has made for themselves, sure their launch line up is nothing stellar.....BUT IT'S LAUNCH! These consoles will be with us for the next 5+ years.....and i know who i would put my bets on if i was asked to bet which company will have the best rated and most exclusives at the end of this gen.

Man, trolls like you just keep coming out of the woodwork don't you?

AceofStaves1792d ago

I guess this is the first console launch your friends have been through? Maybe your friends aren't familiar with Sony's track record of releasing incredible games throughout a console's cycle? Since they have PS3s, they'll still find lots of games to play while they're waiting for PS4 titles to start rolling out.

That's why it's important not to buy a console based solely on its launch games. When I bought my PS2 at launch, the title selection was pretty meager. It was the same with the PS3, and yet, both consoles have gone on to have some phenomenal titles released long after launch.

ThePope1792d ago

So the Xbox and 360 didn't have great exclusives? Or did you just not mention them because it hurts your argument? Also the Xbox was far more powerful than the PS2. But graphics didn't matter back then, but now they are the ONLY thing PS Fanboys talk about. And most multi platform games ran better on 360, and STILL it didn't matter and now its the most important thing ever.

Sony has a few great studios, and in truth they have Naughty Dog. The GoW franchise has continued to decline in quality since the second game. Killzone has always been polarizing (I personally like it, but many don't). And games like Ni No Kuni were paid exclusives made by a non Sony studio. And Infamous is also just another ok game, that fan boys are heralding as GOTY 2014.

My point is that there is a lot of generation left and its anyone's game.

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ape0071792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

-Price: yes ps4 has advantage if u don't want extra features that Xbox one has, 400$ is an awesome price for a nextgen system

-Performance: almost negligible, we don't know if the difference will have an impact or not, as of now, both systems are more or less the same

-Focus on games: Myth, both system are focusing on games, both will deliver

JohnnyTower1792d ago

Very true. I would buy the Kinect anyways, so to me, the price is negligible.

BanginBiscuitz1792d ago

I love the kinect, i use it ALL THE TIME. I can literally eat and use my X1 without picking up the controller ever. Change channels on the TV, go to the store to download a game, read my messages, open a party, start netflix, start any app. The kinect is pin point accurate, in my using it is about 90% accurate as long as you speak clear. The kinect to me is an amazing peripheral to the console and is really living up to what Microsoft wanted it to do. O and Skype on it is AMAZING.

ape0071792d ago

"I can literally eat and use my X1 without picking up the controller ever"

LOL great point, never thought of that before

ThePope1792d ago

Yesterday I was playing NBA 2K14, and I called for a pick and roll (with my voice) and Irving took it to the hole, at that point I was losing by 10 but because of that play the momentum shifted and I won by 4. Thanks Kinect!

AceofStaves1792d ago

The PS4 was primarily designed as a games console, whereas MS focused on making the XB1 a contender for an 'all in one' set-top box that also plays games, though.

That's not to say that XB1 won't offer fantastic exclusives, though. It's just that it's a digital entertainment hub. The reveal for the console showed that MS has taken a broader approach, emphasizing the TV integration, etc., as well as games.

That's the fundamental difference between the two consoles this gen. Where the PS3 and 360 were both gaming consoles that offered some multimedia capabilities, the XB1 and PS4 offer very different approaches to consumers.

ape0071792d ago

absolutely wrong i don't know how u see that, MS has new studios to work on exclusives along other 1st party games, also the same 3rd party games as PS4 with the potential to have dedicated server support and some neat kinect 2.0 integration which is a plus over sony in "gaming" department

the way i see it is that both systems are for gamers, Xbox one just has more features for extra bucks

AceofStaves1792d ago

@ape007: It's hardly wrong, when you consider the XB1's initial reveal, and how much it emphasized the TV integration aspects for the console, its deal with the NFL, and that 'Halo' TV series that Spielberg is involved with. Games were an afterthought at that presentation, which is why they had to focus so much on games during subsequent presentations.

I understand that you really enjoy the extra features of XB1, but that's no reason to ignore the facts. MS wants the XB1 to become the center of the living room for the entire household, a broader reach than just the gaming audience. That's why MS is developing television shows along with games.

XB1 is an entertainment hub. Gaming is a part of it, but to claim that MS is more focused on gaming than providing all-in-one digital entertainment ignores the facts.

Christopher1792d ago

***both systems are more or less the same ***

No issue with any of your above comments but the following.

I think one being able to deliver 1080p out of the gate on FPS games doesn't make them "more or less the same". The loading time issues on XBO really worry me as well (install times don't worry me as much, but I thin they are linked to the same core issue on XBO).

EXVirtual1792d ago

Negligible performance difference?
1080p VS 720p... you call that negligible?

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TheKayle11792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

is lovely how the "media" machine...have the the best launch games lineup..and the "hardcore" machine ...base itself on a indie 5 lvl game (resogun)...

pls try it again

im not against the ps...
but as every will have the slow start...and end in ag reat way..while ms push a lots at start...and end in a worst way...

if this gen will be long 5 years i see ms strategy in a better position than sony

i think this gen will be shorter than the other..and seem that sony have just 1 serious game before the next (i mean THE NEXT) september when destiny will come out...(destiny is multiplat and iwll be also on xb1)

i think the gaming focused machine is lackin in it primary

ps. remember in march titanfall will come out ..and also if is also on xb1 console exclusive...

xHeavYx1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

nice troll attempt, you get an 8/10
Please tell me what you refer to with "best launch games". You mean Dead framedrop Rising? Forza Microtransaction 5? Ryse Onlygraphicsandnogameplay Son of Rome?
Lol, Zoo Tycon? Seriously? Why not Fighter Within? Since you seem to be naming below average games

Edit 2: When did I mention Metacritic? (except now, of course)
but since you started it, KZ has an average of 74, which is better than Ryse (61) and slightly below Forza at 81 and Dead Rising at 78.
Why don't you tell me which exclusive has sold the most so far? Let me give you a clue, starts with Killzone and ends with Shadowfall

TheKayle11792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

yes ..also zoo tycon killer instinct..ecc ecc

if on the "hardcore machine " we have a knack ..the usual kz...and resogun...

def..xb1 win hands down

i remember days when ps users shit on cod and all the fps...saying "xb1 is a fps machine" and now...the only thing is watching at cod as if it was a nice game...


i would not call out metacritics..seen that the only big AAA ps4 esclusives (kz) being detroyed from what u called framedrop Rising
i will not talk seriously about Knack ..coz is a game for kids...(i HOPE was this the idea)...
and resogun take big rating as every other little indie game..
ah gt6 have microtransaction too just leting u know :)
here theres one console that have below average games....and is the the moment....waiting the order and hoping second son will deliver...
meanwhile xb1 will have already titanfall and i dont know whatelse

and we all know how much huge seem to be this titanfall

ah ps before i get outvoted by disagree...i know how n4g or other media outlets work

in some days ill have one bubble meanwhile ppl like u will xheavyx will have 20 bubbles...
last years admins told me ..that they would fix this ..coz is clear that if in the site there are...100 ps user and 5 xb users this..last will get down bubbled till they cannot talk anymore...

and this constantly happen...and is so sad

but dont worry i also know how u really feel guys ;)

BanginBiscuitz1792d ago

Funny that you talk about DR3 when it got numberous 9.5-10's on reviews. KillZone, and kanck lets be serious here. Knack was horrible and Killzone is awful, many other BETTER choices, BF4, COD. Keep trying though, everyone knows X1's game launch destroyed PS4s.

ape0071792d ago

both systems has so-so launch game but to be honest, the best retail nextgen launch game is easily Forza 5

pyramidshead1792d ago

Lmfao thekayle 'im not against the ps' <---GOLD

Don't even TRY to be impartial because we all know you aren't. Saying the "I have both consoles" line does not nullify favouritism one bit, either. It's a shame that N4g is your last outlet to type out your fanboy rants. They were hilarious to read on GAF too and being eviscerated after by users with much more sense. Delicious.

Also how is MS in a better position when they've stated their own personal gen will be a decade while the PS4 will more than likely last up to 5-6(natural length of a gen)?

Why is that XB1 fanboys speak so highly of its launch games when they don't seem to be selling that well or the console is not breaking records(for a need to play these games) or in constant high demand or anything like that? Why isn't the launch line up doing the XB1 any favours, when the direct competitor has a 'worse launch line up' and is out selling it? All I see when I read comments like yours is a whole load of insecurity, like walking adverts for people to buy the 'bone. "please like my console of choice pleeeeeeaseeee!".

I also think it must be true that the people who whine on the internet are literally <1% of gamers because your views are certainly not the popular ones from consumers and the mass market, :/.

As for reviews(more aimed at the comment you made below), I think this time around it's hammered home how useless they as on both sides people have been saying some great things about both exclusives that received poor scores. HELL I even found people who enjoyed LocoCycle and The Fighter Within for god sake, the fighter within is the worst rated exclusive, only possible on XB1!

As for lack of games? Factually wrong again, PS4 will have more games on it than XB1 by the end of 2014, undisputable fact. all you do is look through your AAA tinted glasses and see nothing else. Why do you think an Indie has scored the highest of all exclusives on either console?
But I forget, XB1 gamers don't like F2ps or indie games :/. Will be interesting to see the the tides change when XB1 gets its first wave of indies and the MS new studios pump out those apparent 'AAA' Free to plays. The Hypocrisy will flow, I'm sure :).

Never stop commenting theKayle you are like my dream user <3

hankmoody1792d ago

Here's a better question:

If the PS4 is SO much better than the Xbox One, why this need to write this long, drawn out comment to prove this "indisputable" fact? It all comes down to the purchaser and their own individual tastes. There's no right or wrong answer here. Both machines cater to different crowds. And what's all this about the XB1 titles not breaking records? What does that even matter? Does Knack outselling Mario make it a better game?

But you've gotta ask yourself, why is it that the more media-focused console has not only the better launch line up but a better future release list at the moment? Take a look at the articles, for a second. I see more articles on actual games for the Xbox One than I am on the PS4. Sure, we're hearing from studios about how much they like working on the PS4. That's nice and all but how about something in the way of actual games?

At this point, you've probably dismissed everything I've said so far so I'll just close with this. I'm not here to say one system is better than the other. I'm pushing the idea that because one system is preferable to you won't necessarily make it preferable to the guy or girl next to you.

At this time, I've gone with the XB1 because I've been happy with the consoles they've released so far. I'm pretty happy with the XB1 right now. Dead Rising 3 is a blast and Forza is a great racing game. I'd get a PS4 as well but as of right now, there's nothing calling me to it. There are no games that interest me on it, save maybe for Deep Down. But that's the point. That's my opinion, coming from my own personal tastes. You talking like the XB1 is this unbridled piece of crap makes me wonder. Do you own one? Have you used one at all to make that call? I look at both systems and I see one proving itself while the other one seems to have sold merely on the promise of something.

And what makes you think the PS4 is only going to last 5-6 years, with games taking longer and longer to develop with every passing generation? Ten years actually makes sense being that games take time to develop, more than ever before in fact.

pyramidshead1792d ago

I'm not sure how the length of my comment has to do with anything seeing as you yourself have typed quite a lengthy number. I'm a fast typer and therefore can bash out a nice lengthy piece in no time at all. It was more to do with a history of witnessing thekayles ramblings if anything, both on here and GAF. But, hey, I'm digressing like you are with this sort of comment.

"It all comes down to the purchaser and their own individual tastes. There's no right or wrong answer here. Both machines cater to different crowds. Does Knack outselling Mario make it a better game? "

^This I highly agree with. But you did so well until this:
"But you've gotta ask yourself, why is it that the more media-focused console has not only the better launch line up but a better future release list at the moment?"
Which ultimately goes against what you just said :/. This is just as much as an opinion than any other statement. Not to mention most of the Xb1 2014 has been 'slated for 2014' with no concrete launch dates or even month windows for that matter, especially QB and Halo and the Black Tusk game.

Like you said at the start, opinions and tastes. That's great you bought one, I have no problem with that, never will have. There's nothing calling ME to the XB1, Ryse was doing a fairly good job but fell short at being MS's answer to a next gen G(od)oW game. Other than that, nil poi. Not at one point did I mention it was an unbridled piece of crap either, that's your own assumption you're reading off of my comment. I do not have one(as I said already no game calls to me, like you with the PS4), but have used one(but like your flippant comment of me disregarding what you say, I doubt you'll believe that). I'm merely calling out statements that are false.

What I'm pointing out is all people do is stress the numbers of games when it doesn't seem to be having one ounce of effect, not one tiny single bit. That's what baffles me lol. Why is the console with the least appealable and less games selling better than the competition? Shouldn't the XB1 be trouncing the PS4 because of all these great games to play? So sometimes it is too hilarious to read comments about game scarcity when people are gaming happily on the ones that are available. The PS4 will have more games available on it(list already posted in thread somewhere above, with no doubt more to announce), which is a fact(disregarding taste, opinion, Indie, AAA, availability on PC). If the choice is there to purchase on PS4 then there's the choice to extend the PS4 library, simple as that.

I see one with a blurred vision of what it really wants to be while performing so-so in the gaming department(multiplats, I own a PS3 so I know the sting etc) against it's direct competitor and one full filling its promise to do its sole purpose very well and it's already showing. Is that so hard to believe?

Last gen was spread very thin and it shows because of how fiendish people were for 'next gen' judging by sales of both consoles so yes this gen will be shorter. I'm not sure how you can confidently state how long it takes to develop games because I don't see that becoming a problem with the ease of development the PS4 gives, general PC architecture and the amount of studios working on games. 5-6-7 is a very long time. Maybe MS has a different vision because its box can be used for TV and other things therefore maybe used for that function after the games run dry, idk. Who can say?
No way will this gen be 10 years, for Sony at least, and that's a good thing.

Budobear1792d ago

Not that I want to burst any bubbles but Titan fall isn't a console exclusive, last time I looked it was coming to the 360 too

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