Nordic Games Partners with Uber Entertainment for Planetary Annihilation’s Release

Last week DualShockers reported that Uber Entertainment will release Planetary Annihilation “when its done,” now there's more concrete information. No, there’s still no release date but a new partnership with publisher Nordic Games has emerged that will help bring the real-time-strategy game to retail shops. It’s all about the baby steps.

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ATi_Elite1771d ago

nice 3 sentence article. really informative!

Raf1k11771d ago

This game looks interesting. Only came across it last week in the article about upcoming PC exclusives.

arugula1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Why sign a partnership with the digital release? Its already on steam.

Hopefully they dont mess up the physical copies like they did for Alan Wake. Copies shipped with no activation codes. Plus why bother with physical copy when more then half of the game will be digital anyway. Like Alan wake. Just over 2 gigs was installed from DVD then the last 6.7GB was downloaded via steam. So having a pysical copy is pretty useless.

This partnership seems pointless to me and dont see why developers do this. They had their kick starter funding no?

Not to mention this guy is saying that NBA live was rushed? LOL. If i remember correctly they delayed it for over 2 years but EA still did a bad job. Here's journalism at its best.