Jack Thompson Interviewed on NPR, Gets Booted by Host

The host of Talk of the Nation on National Public Radio gave anti-game activist Jack Thompson a rather swift interview on the subject of GTA IV. Needless to say, it probably didn't go as Thompson had planned.

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maggotmx4966d ago

haha funny sh*t my only regret is that Adam didnt get a chance to give it him more

Euthanasia784967d ago

This guy is so out of touch with reality it's sad.

snittolo4967d ago

Took some gravol and Nyquil so I could stomach Glenn Becks show and it seems he got almost the same thing there as well. Their was alot Glenn Beck wanted to talk about but he kinda randomly decided to say they were out of time even cutting short the other guest when Thompson was on one of his rants, it was kind of sad.

flambeau4967d ago

He didn't even play the game what a jackass.

Cop_Boy4967d ago

man i wish that lawyer was originally him , i would have played that mission 10 times !!

Timesplitter144967d ago

yeah and then he'd be half-right about what gamers are

KyonoRocks4966d ago

No, the fact he's only doing it in the game and not real life would actually prove Thompson wrong

solar4967d ago

you dont go into a gun fight without loading the gun Jack you tool. basing an argument on speculation doesnt get you anywhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.