The First NVIDIA GeForce Benchmarks On The SteamOS Beta

Michael Larabel: A comprehensive performance comparison is underway at Phoronix that pits SteamOS against other desktop Linux distributions, but for those anxious to see some performance numbers, here are benchmarks done so far this weekend from seven NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards on the public SteamOS 1.0 Beta operating system. In this article are early benchmarks from seven NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards running Valve's Debian Linux based SteamOS on an Intel Haswell system.

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ATi_Elite3204d ago

I was happy until the benchmarks did not have the OBVIOUS Benchmarks PC Gamers want.

SteamOS vs. Windows7 vs. Windows 8

That's all I want to see!

Same hardware same games just on these 3 Operating systems.

Maxor3204d ago

Yup. This benchmark is pointless.

TopDudeMan3204d ago

Yeah, they really wanna put it up against a Windows OS. That's what most gamers are interested in. They wanna know if it's worth installing a separate OS to play games on.

tee_bag2423204d ago

Yeah same. I was also wanting a 3D Mark 11 and Firestrike bench too

Volkama3204d ago

Can only assume NDAs prevent showing anything interesting.

Would be interesting to see SteamOS vs <Linux> article, and then a follow-up <Linux> vs Windows article :)

hellvaguy3204d ago

Steam OS is Linux so I don't think we'll be seeing that one.

Volkama3204d ago

SteamOS is Linux, yes. But this whole article draws comparisons between SteamOS and other Linux distributions.

We only need to see one of those other linux distributions relative to Windows on the same benchmarks, and we'll be able to put the two together.

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ninjahunter3204d ago

For refference, i looked around for some heaven 4.0 benchmarks on the titan and 780 ti cards.
780 TI

Windows 7:
5.4% performance gain in Steam OS

Steam OS:

Windows 7:
4.3% performance gain in Steam OS

Anyway, im not going to say that this comparison is wildly accurate, there is a difference in drivers and processors in the benchamarks, so on so forth. Also, gameplay performance has not always been directly comparable to Benchmark performance. But that is just a look at what ive found.

LAWSON723204d ago

I want comparisons, probably Tomshardware will make an article soon.