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A-MEN 2 by developer blooper team is an oddity in that it embodies the fundamental gameplay mechanics found in retro classics such as Lemmings and The Lost Vikings. Gamers old enough to remember these 16-bit classics will recall how both games paved the way for team-style gameplay that required quick thinking and the use of multiple characters to survive.

Spanning 40 levels of frustratingly difficult puzzles, the player must use their team of crafty brutes to build bridges, move crates and activate squirrel-powered platforms to avoid being captured by enemy soldiers. It sounds simple enough, but it actually isn’t. Your soldiers are restricted by real-world physics, making it impossible to jump from high ledges without dying. You also need to be careful if enemy soldiers are close by, especially if you don’t have a disguise. For whatever reason, they tend to run much faster than your soldiers.

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