The 5 Most Obnoxious Nintendo Characters

Nintendo have created some classic characters over the years. Nobody can get it right 100% of the time though- and they also brought us these guys.

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EliteGameKnight1861d ago

I love the Tingle paragraph. I heard that Tingle was quite popular over in Japan and Europe doesn't mind as much as North America does. I even heard that in big Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments, people would make a temporary truce to kill tingle in the Majora's Mask stage :)

Toon_Link1861d ago

I always liked tingle not sure what's so wrong with the guy. He helps decipher maps and has a pretty damn good fashion sense about him, what else could you ask for?

JohnnyTower1861d ago

Toad is the worst. That asexual squeal of his/hers is so annoying!

KennersEd1861d ago

Number one has to be Ressetti the mole from Animal Crossing,
He actually got me to give up playing it....

REDBEARD1860d ago